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Growing rural independence together — GRIT
1:30 PM | Tuesday, Nov 09 | Room: B 130
Learn how to build a strong and healthy community by connecting individuals with jobs. Working with colleges and universities, nonprofit agencies, treatment facilities, courts, OhioMeansJobs and volunteers, Adams County/Ohio Valley Local (Adams) is making a lasting impact on its community by helping high school students discover their interests, skills and aptitudes for their future careers.
Topics: Career pathways, Instruction, Rural districts
Moderator: , ,
Gay Lynn Shipley, board member, Adams County/Ohio Valley Local (Adams), assistant dean, School of Education, Shawnee State University
Rich Seas, superintendent, Adams County/Ohio Valley Local (Adams)
Denise Reading, CEO/GRIT Project advisor, Future Plans
Kristy Amy, GRIT Project strategic implementation director, Future Plans
Wylie Shipley, GRIT Project business marketing intern, Shawnee State University
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