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1:00 PM
A comprehensive SEL approach to reach all students Room: Instruction, Social-emotional learning
Data overload! A clear plan to improve learning. Room: Data management, Student achievement
Designing sensory spaces for mental health needs Room: Facilities, Social-emotional learning
Educator wellness Room: Leadership development
Job development for students with disabilities Room: Career centers, Instruction
OSBA committees – An opportunity to serve Room: Board governance, New board members
Simple. Fun. School Finance! Room: Board governance, Finance
Time to embrace a board self-assessment

Room: Board governance, Leadership development
To renovate or to build new? Room: Board governance, District operations, Facilities
1:30 PM
Crisis management for education leaders Room: Critical and current
2:30 PM
Beyond the bell: Putting ESSER dollars into practice Room: Administration, Finance
Engaging students in their work Room: Student achievement
Equitable alternative education pathways Room: Instruction
How design impacts social-emotional development Room: Facilities, Social-emotional learning
Life is cool after school! Room: ESCs, Student achievement
Our path to successful building-based decision making Room: Instruction, Student achievement
Re-imagining human capital systems for today’s reality Room: Administration, Critical and current issues
Sidestepping landmines: Legal and practical guidance Room: Legal
2:00 AM
Districts can create equitable trauma-informed SEL Room: ESCs, Social-emotional learning
9:00 AM
2022 case law update Room: Critical and current issues, Legal
A true win – win – win Room: Board governance, Community engagement, District operations, Facilities
Branding and planning Room: Career centers
Building the perfect team Room: Administration, Leadership development
Designing for equity in large school districts Room: District operations, Finance
Employee free speech update Room: Critical and current issues, Legal
Get the word out without getting in trouble! Room: Facilities, Finance
Increasing student wellness through MTSS Room: Instruction, Social-emotional learning
Marion Area Workforce Acceleration Collaborative Room: Career pathways, Instruction
Reading is everything! District success using the science of reading Room: Instruction, Student achievement
School improvement and turnaround success

Black Caucus session

Room: Diversity and equity, Instruction
Securing your K-12 technology Room: Data management, Technology
Student achievement with district reconfiguration Room: Board governance, District operations, Student achievement
Success coaches for improved student behavior Room: Critical and current issues, Student issues
The CFO’s role in employee wellness and wellbeing Room: Administration, Finance
10:00 AM
The possibilities of community partnerships Room: Community engagement, Facilities
10:30 AM
A public schools social media primer Room: B 242—243 Public relations
Addressing student mental health with special education Room: Legal, Social-emotional learning, Student issues
Becoming the model urban school district Room: 11/13/2022 Critical and current issues, Student achievement
Career technology – Bringing education to industry Room: Career Centers, Career pathways
Chronic absenteeism-
Urban session – workng with Kim – blurb to come
Coach’s playbook: Law for extracurriculars Room: Athletics, Legal, Student issues
Collaboration = A family resource center Room: Community engagement, Student issues
Community engagement through strategic planning Room: 11/13/2022 Board governance, Community engagement
Designing for innovative learning Room: Facilities, Instruction
EdChoice Voucher litigation on track for success Room: Critical and current issues, Finance
Healthy buildings: Important now and in the future Room: Business operations, Facilities
Public employment risk reduction program reporting Room: Administration
Recruiting and retaining with DEI in mind Room: Diversity and equity, Leadership development
Restorative justice practices from a school safety perspective Room:
The golden ticket: Winning the board/ superintendent relationship game Room: Board governance, New board members
The impact of employee financial wellness Room: Finance, Social-emotional learning
Using VR to radically improve learning outcomes Room: ESCs, Instruction, Technology
1:00 PM
Alternative student learning models during school closures Room: Instruction
Anti-racism Is a verb Room: Diversity and equity, Leadership development
Design to build: It’s more than bricks and mortar Room: District operations
Easy procurement risk mitigation and strategies for success Room:
Essential policies for 2023: part 1 Room: Board governance
Establishing a regional pre-apprenticeship program Room: Career pathways, Student achievement
Growing instructional leaders Room: Administration, Leadership development
Innovative individualized learning Room: Social-emotional learning, Student issues
Managing public participation at board meetings Room: Board governance
SMARTS: Engaging students in district improvement Room: Student issues, Student issues
Special education complaints Room: Legal
State Superintendent Session Room:
Support student wellness and positive mental health Room: Social-emotional learning
The Fair School Funding Plan Room: Administration, Leadership development
The great resignation and the financial impact on K-12 Room: Finance
The Mustang Stable – CLCs in action Room: Communications and community engagement
Transforming schools for all students Room: Diversity and equity, Student achievement
1:30 PM
Creating and implementing behavioral intervention tools and techniques for students Room:
2:30 PM
A mental health program in a rural school Room: Rural districts, Social-emotional learning
Balancing visible & invisible facility projects Room: District operations, Facilities
Building sustainable school-based health centers Room: Facilities, Social-emotional learning
Coach beyond Room: Athletics/extracurriculars, Social-emotional learning
Collective bargaining in 2022 and beyond Room: Administration, Legal
Constitutional basis of school property taxation Room: Business operations, Finance
Educating for a multicultural world Room: Instruction, Student achievement
Family first? Nepotism in the school house Room: Administration, Legal
Media productions – beyond the final product Room: Career centers, Community engagement, Student achievement
Opening doors: Connecting K-12 and career tech Education Room: Career centers, Instruction
Recycling and sustainability in the classroom Room: Communications and community engagement
STEM resources lead to real world learning! Room: Career pathways, Instruction
Survivor: How to navigate Title IX issues Room: Student issues
Take your leadership from ordinary to extraordinary Room: Board governance, Leadership development
The trouble with custody, attendance and tuition Room: Legal
Winning with culture without losing to politics Room: Board governance
3:30 PM
Health Savings Accounts for today Room:
Integrating therapy dogs as part of the curriculum Room:
4:00 PM
Arrest the stress: Building resilience with humor
Room: Board governance, Student achievement
Current legal cases In education Room: Critical and current issues, Legal
Developing teen leadership with S.A.L.T Room: Athletics, Student achievement
Embedding social-emotional learning Room: Instruction, Social-emotional learning
Essential policies for 2023: Part 2 Room:
From here to there: Pathways to a hopeful future Room: Community engagement
K-12 versus cybercrime: A layered approach for schools Room: Safety and security
MTSS + equity = Success Room: ESCs, Social-emotional learning, Student issues
Ohio materials matter with INFOhio Room: Instruction, Student achievement
Participating in our democracy through civics education and student leadership Room:
Partnerships that create career pathways Room: Career pathways
Promoting equity among English learner students Room: Diversity and equity
The real power of after school programs Room: Instruction, Student issues
Why lead? Room: Critical and current
8:00 AM
PaySchools – waiting on info 5/16/22 Room:
Volatile energy markets Room:
8:30 AM
Academic excellence for all: Equity gap analysis Room: Diversity and equity, Instruction
Aligned and collaborative leadership structures Room: Administration, Leadership development
Collaborative comprehensive financial planning Room: Administration, Finance
Developing a culture of coaching Room: Administration, Leadership development
Gender issues in schools: What every district should know Room: Legal, Student issues
High school internships and work programs Room: Career pathways, Instruction
Legislative update Room: Critical and current
Partnerships and SEL: building resilient students Room: Career centers, Critical and current issues, Social-emotional learning
Passing school levies in the post-pandemic environment: Bringing your community to the ballot box Room:
Public Records Training Room:
Schools safety training for all grades and staff Room: Safety and security
See the evidence! Transformational leaders sustain teacher engagement Room:
SLW Room:
STEM to STEAM: Arts integration Room: Instruction, Student achievement
Take a trip with Google earth projects Room: Instruction, Technology
The path to high school success Room: Social-emotional learning, Student achievement
9:30 AM
Best practices in building salary administration systems

Purchasing 101 — fundamentals Room: Administration, Finance
10:30 AM
Athletic facilities you can be proud of Room: Facilities
Building a benefits-based accountability system Room: Communications and community engagement
Collaboration counts: Communities working in science Room: Instruction
District finances: Common understanding and messaging Room: Finance
Navigating tense times in school board meetings Room: Board governance, Critical and current issues, New board members
Partnerships to meet students’ needs Room: Critical and current
SLW Room:
Sources of strength – Suicide prevention & SEL Room: Social-emotional learning
Student reps will improve your board of education Room: Board governance, Student issues
The benefits of alternative learning programs Room: Instruction, Student issues
Transportation basics for board members: 10 things you need to know. Room: District operations
Twiisted partnership = Student Success Room: Career Centers
1:00 PM
Creating a culture of inclusion and innovation Room: Diversity and equity
Food for thought: A growing culinary arts program Room: Instruction
Ohio School Wellness Initiative (OSWI) Room: Critical and current
Purposeful technology integration Room: Student achievement
Restorative practices for positive outcomes Room: Administration
SLW Room:
The changing landscape of early childhood programs in schools Room: Student achievement
Transportation department readiness and compliance Room: District operations
Use your words Room: Board governance
Zoarville Meet & Eat: Career-focused dining Room: Communications and community engagement
1:30 PM
OEPI examines school funding and taxation Room: Critical and current issues
2:30 PM
BLI focus group Room:
HOPE for mental wellness and safety Room: Critical and current
Let us help you tell your district’s story! Room: Communications and community engagement
Planning and implementing new dyslexia requirements Room: Instruction
Research-informed, data-driven high schools Room: Facilities
Robert’s Rules of Order 101 Room: Board governance
SLW Room:
TIFS can affect your bottom line: a lesson for districts Room: Board governance, Finance
4:00 PM
SLW Room:
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