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To bid or not to bid?
10:30 AM | Tuesday, Nov 09 | Room: C 160—162 A
School districts have various options for evaluating project proposals and awarding facility improvement projects, including an option available through Ohio’s educational purchasing co-ops. Energy Optimizers, USA, Southwest Ohio Educational Purchasing Co-Op and Ayersville Local (Defiance) discuss the pros and cons of each method; how to save money and time on the process; and case studies.
Topics: District operations, Facilities, Finance
Moderator: , ,
Rusty Bookman, senior account executive, Energy Optimizers, USA
Abby Sharp, treasurer, Ayersville Local (Defiance)
Belinda Kenley, vice president, Energy Optimers, USA
Ken Swink, executive director, Southwest Ohio Educational Purchasing Co-Op
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