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10 Key Legal Issues Impacting Sports Room: Legal
7 Habits of Highly Communicative Leaders Room: Finance/facilities
Advocacy and You Room: Leadership development
An Inter-District Bus Sharing Study Room: Finance/facilities
APPRENTICESHIPS IN K-12 EDUCATION Room: Student achievement
Board Engagement and Development Room: Board development
Building Your District’s Brand Story Room: Communications/PR
Communication Audits to maximize ROI Room: Communications/PR
Community Partnerships in CCR Programs Room: Community engagement
Digital Fabrication in Public Schools Room: Technology
Emergency Management Exercise Cycle Room: Safety and wellness
Flexible Spaces and Blended Learning Room: Technology
For 2017 contact AG’s office per Wanda Room:
Grantwriting 101 Room: Hot topics
Leveraging Community Partnerships Room: Community engagement
Minimizing Risk for Your Athletic Programs Room: Administration
New Construction? Bond Primer A-Z Room: Finance/facilities
NJPA: Build Facilities without Bidding Room: Finance/facilities
Numbers on a Thermometer Are Never Enough Room: Student achievement
Ohio Small & Rurall Collaborative Room: Rural schools
Out of the Box Parent Engagement Room: Community engagement
Pre-Construction Short List Room: Finance/facilities
Science Saturdays: Community Outreach Room: Community engagement
Setting up a District Foundation Room: Community engagement
Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work! Room: Administration
Student Ambassadors Bridge to community Room: Communications/PR
Teaching Reading is Rocket Science Room: Student achievement
The Millennials’ Guide to School PR Room: Communications/PR
The Power of Professional Development Room: Human resources
Tips for Negotiating Business Contracts Room: Legal
"Tradigital Learning" and One2One Room: Technology
Transforming Education-Based Athletics Room: Communications/PR
Virtual Reality & the Achievement Gap Room: Technology
Walk the Talk to School Improvement Room: Administration
Wellness programs for chronic disease Room: Safety and wellness
Why enumeration is imperative in policy Room: Critical issues
You’re the New Superintendent! Now what? Room: Administration
11:30 AM
OSBA Board of Trustees Room: C 123-125 Board development, Legal, New board member
3:00 PM
Are our school buses safe? Room: C 210-212 Board development, Hot topics, Safety and wellness
Tipp City Exempted Village Schools meeting Room: C 216
3:30 PM
Boardmanship — nobody said it was easy Room: C 220-222 Board development, New board member
4:00 PM
Hot topics in student welfare policies Room: C 213-215 Board development, Hot topics, New board member
6:00 PM
Ashtabula City Schools meeting Room: C 210-212
7:45 AM
New board member coffee talk Room: C 114-115
8:00 AM
Cuyahoga County ESC meeting Room: D 140
8:15 AM
Conference orientation Room: C 111 New board member
8:30 AM
Keys to a successful bus operation Room: Eisenman Finance/facilities, Safety and wellness
9:00 AM
Building early warning system partnerships Room: C 226 Hot topics, Student issues
Change happens — 10 successful strategies Room: C 120-122 Board development, Leadership development, New board member
Community partnership and career readiness Room: C 216 Administration, Community engagement
Diagnostics create postsecondary plans Room: D 132 Instruction, Student achievement
Educational visioning in building design Room: C 111 Finance/facilities, Organizational Outlook
Following a financial plan — Chillicothe’s story — Public Finance Resources Inc. workshop Room: D 242-243 Community engagement, Finance/facilities
Hot topics in student and data privacy Room: D 230-232 Legal, Technology
Individualized instruction for algebra Room: C 112-113 Administration, Instruction
Issues schools avoid but must address Room: D 130 Critical issues, Legal, New board member
LED lighting in educational environments Room: C 114-115 Finance/facilities, Rural schools
OASBO Committee meetings Room: D 246
Ohio BWC addresses reform – Ohio SchoolComp workshop Room: D 240-241 Finance/facilities, Human resources
Ohio update of Every Student Succeeds Act Room: C 213-215 Administration, Hot topics
Passing the unpassable bond levy Room: D 131 Communications/PR, Finance/facilities
Public records training Room: E 150-151 Administration, Legal
Shared leadership approach – do more with more Room: C 123-125 Administration, Leadership development, Urban schools
Teacher termination and nonrenewal update Room: C 220-222 Administration, Human resources
Updating school safety plans Room: C 223-225 Administration, Safety and wellness
Who’s right when student rights conflict? Room: C 210-212 Legal, Student issues
1:00 PM
Creating a school within a school Room: C 123-125 Administration, ESCs
Eight tips for improving board communication Room: C 120-122 Board development, Communications/PR, New board member
FERPA 2.0 Room: C 210-212 Critical issues, Legal
How a curriculum audit defined our path Room: C 112-113 Administration, Instruction, Leadership development
Impact of levy failures on budgeting and achievement Room: C 213-215 Community engagement, Finance/facilities
Innovative P-12 model — one district’s success Room: C 114-115 ESCs, Rural schools, Student achievement
Poverty — the real educational indicator Room: C 223-225 Critical issues, Student issues
Strengthening the ODE-district partnership Room: E 150-151 Board development, Organizational outlook
Success in data-driven negotiations Room: C 220-222 Hot topics, Human resources, New board member
2:00 PM
OASBO Audit Committee meeting Room: D 244-245
2:30 PM
Become a social and emotional learning coach Room: D 132 Administration, Student achievement
Blended learning best practices Room: C 114-115 Instruction, Rural schools
Building school-business partnerships Room: C 216 Administration, Community engagement, New board member
Dealing with discrimination claims Room: D 130 Human resources, Legal
ESSA – what to expect going forward Room: C 223-225 Hot topics, Organizational Outlook
Illuminate the data! Room: C 226 Administration, Technology
Leading and learning – board relationships Room: C 120-122 Administration, Board development, Leadership development
Online risk management tools for your district — PublicSchoolWORKS workshop
Room: D 240-241 Safety and wellness
Passing bond issues and financing projects Room: C 123-125 Administration, Finance/facilities
School crisis response – school shooting Room: C 213-215 Administration, Communications/PR
Sexting and Title IX Room: C 220-222 Hot topics, Legal
Student athletes — beyond win/lose records Room: C 111 Administration, Rural schools, Student issues
Student search and interrogation Room: C 210-212 Legal, Safety and wellness
Supporting diverse student learning — student perspective Room: D 233-235 Student achievement, Student issues
Taking action against drug abuse Room: D 131 Safety and wellness, Student issues
The specter of bullying in schools Room: C 112-113 Critical issues, Legal
Transgender students in schools Room: D 230-232 Critical issues, Legal
3:30 PM
Supporting diverse student learning – networking break Room: D 233–235
4:00 PM
2016 case law update Room: C 210-212 Critical issues, Legal
Avoid costly gaps in employee benefit coverage — OSBA Insurance Agency workshop
Room: D 240-241 Finance/facilities, Human resources
Community engagement for school districts Room: D 230-232 Administration, Community engagement
Get the most from the five-year forecast Room: C 120-122 Board development, Finance/facilities, New board member
Graduation – one student at a time Room: C 216 Critical issues, Student achievement
Healthy communities, healthy schools Room: C 112-113 Safety and wellness, Student issues
Inspiring students as minority scholars Room: D 131 Hot topics, Student achievement
Integrated technology – not just dessert Room: D 132 Student achievement, Technology
Leadership and the importance of social media Room: D 130 Communications/PR, Hot topics, Leadership development
Mental health services and school safety Room: C 226 Legal, Student issues
No session Room:
Repudiating contracts – the ultimate step Room: C 220-222 Human resources, Legal, New board member
Revisiting standards-based grades Room: C 111 Instruction, Student achievement
Supporting diverse student learning — educators and community leaders Room: D 233-235 Student achievement, Student issues
The board’s role in leading for success Room: C 223-225 Leadership development, Organizational Outlook
The nuts and bolts of vendor contracts Room: C 123-125 Finance/facilities, Legal
What parents want in school communication Room: C 213-215 Administration, Communications/PR, New board member
5:00 PM
Alliance for High Quality Education reception Room: E 150
Battelle for Kids SOAR Reception Room: Short North Ballroom foyer
8:30 AM
OSBA legislative update Room: D 233-235 Board development, Hot topics, New board member
9:00 AM
A case study of operating tax levies Room: C 216 Administration, Finance/facilities
A guide to effectively using ESCs Room: C 223—225 ESCs, Organizational Outlook
Compliant emergency plan — now what? Room: C 220-222 Critical issues, Safety and wellness
EDTech – getting IT right for the future Room: D 230-232 Administration, Leadership development, Technology
Environmental Dashboards as teaching tools Room: C 114-115 Finance/facilities, Instruction
Essential polices for 2017 Room: C 213-215 Administration, Board development, New board member
OASBO Committee meetings Room: D 246
Poverty’s impact on student achievement Room: D 130 Critical issues, Student achievement, Urban schools
Proactively manage complex workers’ comp claims — Managed care organization workshop Room: D 242-243 Finance/facilities, Safety and wellness
Public criticism of district employees Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
Quick wins and long-term results Room: C 226 Leadership development, Student achievement, Urban schools
Random drug testing for school employees Room: C 123-125 Human resources, Rural schools, Safety and wellness
Recruiting African-American male teachers Room: D 131 Administration, Hot topics
School-based health center from the ground up Room: D 132 Community engagement, Safety and wellness
Spotlight behind-the-scenes departments Room: C 112-113 Administration, Communications/PR
The many benefits of electronic governance — Electronic board governance workshop Room: D 240-241 Administration, Finance/facilities
This is not your typical career fair Room: C 111 ESCs, Student issues
Why board members should care about EMIS Room: C 120-122 Administration, Board development, New board member
10:00 AM
Meta Solutions meeting Room: D 142-143
10:30 AM
Electronic discussions and the Open Meetings Act Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
11:00 AM
Ohio Association Career-Technical Treasurers meeting Room: Eisenman
11:15 AM
Legal issues for today’s hottest tech toys Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
1:00 PM
Concussions and overuse injuries in sports Room: C 114-115 Administration, Safety and wellness
Improving employee relations Room: C 123-125 Administration, Human resources, Leadership development
Magic routing button – fantasy versus reality Room: D 230-232 Administration, Technology
New stadium, private money – wisdom 101 Room: C 213-215 Administration, Finance/facilities
Paperless board meetings and beyond Room: C 120-122 Board development, Technology
Partnering for future success Room: C 220-222 Community engagement, Finance/facilities
Positive discipline – expelling hope Room: C 226 Safety and wellness, Student issues
School law year in review Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
Student competition drives energy savings Room: C 112-113 Finance/facilities, Instruction, Urban schools
Student to student –breaking the bullying cycle Room: D 131 Hot topics, Student issues
Transforming school culture – move your bus Room: C 216 Administration, Human resources
Wanted: SBOs with communications savvy Room: D 130 Communications/PR, Organizational Outlook
Welcoming refugee and immigrant students Room: C 111 Critical issues, Student issues, Urban schools
What students really want — lessons learned Room: D 132 Administration, Rural schools, Student achievement
Working together to promote public schools Room: C 223—225 Communications/PR, ESCs
2:00 PM
Networking Break Room: Halls C-D
2:30 PM
Bargaining trends and outlook for 2017 Room: C 213-215 Administration, Human resources, New board member
Charter school monster Room: D 230-232 Finance/facilities, Hot topics, Organizational Outlook
Conflict resolution for school boards Room: C 120-122 Board development, Human resources, New board member
Creating a culture of thinking Room: C 226 Administration, Instruction, Student achievement
Creative revenue sources for public schools Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
Do online payment forms meet your needs? — Online payment program workshop
Room: D 240-241 Administration, Finance/facilities
Hamilton Local’s turnaround tale Room: C 223-225 Administration, Board development
How music tech can reach nonmusicians Room: D 132 Instruction, Technology
Ins and outs of a successful CCP program Room: C 123-125 Administration, Hot topics, Rural schools
Keeping students safe online Room: C 220-222 Communications/PR, Technology
Linking school leadership and the community Room: D 131 Community engagement, Instruction, Leadership development
Power4Schools electricity and market update — Electronic savings program workshop Room: D 242-243 Finance/facilities
Preparing globally competent graduates Room: D 130 ESCs, Instruction
Rural school-based health centers Room: C 114-115 Rural schools, Safety and wellness
Saving energy and having fun with students Room: C 216 Finance/facilities, Hot topics
Self-harm/suicide prevention protocol Room: C 112-113 Critical issues, Safety and wellness
Student Ambassadors — a bridge to the community Room: C 111 Communications/PR, Student issues
Urban Solution Room — district consortiums Room: D 233-235 Student achievement, Urban schools
4:00 PM
Achieving health care benefit rate stability Room: C 123-125 ESCs, Human resources, Rural schools
Arming school staff — critical decisions — School property/casualty insurance workshop Room: D 242-243 Safety and wellness
Finish first for students Room: C 220-222 Leadership development, Student issues, Urban schools
Handling employees’ pending criminal actions Room: C 210-212 Legal, School Law Workshop
Improving behavior with restorative discipline Room: C 114-115 Administration, Critical issues, Rural schools
Region Managers meeting Room: D 142-143
Safety planning and preparation best practices — Electronic safety document management workshop Room: D 240-241 Safety and wellness
State school-funding update Room: C 213-215 Board development, Finance/facilities, New board member
Using data to sell your story Room: C 223-225 Communications/PR, Community engagement
Welcome to America — now what? Room: C 226 Administration, Student issues, Urban schools
Working well with superintendents, treasurers Room: C 120-122 Administration, Board development, New board member
8:30 AM
OEPI session: The big picture — changes to school funding, taxation and the state economy Room: D 130-132 Finance/facilities
9:00 AM
Engaging parents in your school and community Room: C 223-225 Administration, Community engagement
How Bellaire became million richer Room: C 123-125 Finance/facilities, Technology
Road map to student-centered learning Room: C 213-215 Instruction, New board member, Technology
Striking GOLD and changing lives Room: C 220-222 Critical issues, Student issues
The First Amendment and student publications Room: C 120-122 Hot topics, Student issues
Understanding transgender student issues Room: C 210-212 Administration, Legal
Using rotations to maximize primary literacy Room: C 114-115 Instruction, Student achievement
WATCH D.O.G.S. — positive role models Room: C 112-113 Hot topics, Student issues
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