Student Achievement Fair booths

The following districts are participating in the 2016 Capital Conference Student Achievement Fair.

Akron City: Robotic World Competitions, Booth 66
The Firestone High School Project Lead the Way class competed against 500 teams from 56 countries at the VEX World Tournament. Learn how students’ hard work and perseverance led to the class earning one of five judges’ awards.
Linda Dillon, coordinator, (330) 761-3135

Akron City: Sixth-Grade Youth Empowerment League, 22
Learn how to incorporate emotional wellness, academics and basketball programming to improve student achievement, climate, leadership skills and academic progress.
Angela Harper, principal , (330) 761-1625

Athens City: Small Engines and Entrepreneurialism, Booth 65
Discover how students learn skills for repairing small engines and use that knowledge, along with interpersonal skills and other best practices, to create a small business with an emphasis on quality control and customer service.
Wayne Hanzel, teacher, (740) 797-4521

Batavia Local (Clermont): It’s Electrifying!, Booth 60
Students explain how they design games that are wired and teach STEM concepts to elementary teachers and students.
Karen McDonough, teacher, (513) 732-2341, ext. 7045

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local (Greene): Elementary School Reading Garden, Booth 72
Elementary students developed this initiative after they managed a garden. See how they created a place with the tranquility of a garden to share with other students.
Libby Stanton, teacher, (937) 748-8357

Belpre City: Belpre High School Pottery Program, Booth 27
This program strives for creativity and self-sufficiency through recycling clay, community involvement and student-run pottery sales. See how students have implemented these practices.
Chad Stevens, teacher, (304) 481-8767

Big Walnut Local (Delaware): BWMS Service Day, Booth 36
Working with community partners, student leaders organized a Big Walnut Middle School (BWMS) Service Day. Hear about the impact of service learning and collaboration as 600 people gave over 2,100 hours to the community at more than 40 service sites.
Josh Frame, principal, (740) 965-3006

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Creating Aquaponics at Bloom-Carroll, Booth 26
Discover how the high school agriculture department built an aquaponics system, a new form of agriculture production that combines fish production and hydroponics. After the fish are harvested, students and the community are invited to a fish fry.
Christi Bachman, teacher, (614) 837-0786

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): The Next Level of Career Exploration, Booth 25
Learn how Bloom-Carroll is taking students to the careers. Nothing compares to real-world experiences where students are “on the job” and truly exploring careers.
Stephanie Dinsmore, media center specialist, (614) 837-0786

Cambridge City: Students on the Board of Education, Booth 56
Hear how students are introduced to a wide range of life experiences by learning the functions and responsibilities of serving on a board of education.
Rusty Roberts, board member, Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, (740) 680-3710

Clinton-Massie Local (Clinton): Coding Club, Booth 34
Learn about the Coding Club for grades three to five. This after-school enrichment club uses Scratch,, student creativity and problem-solving skills to create animations, artwork, stories and games.
Mary Ritter, teacher, (937) 289-2515, ext. 4417

Columbiana EV: Creative Entrepreneurship, Booth 74
Discover how students learn the concepts of marketing, advertising, finance, management, accounting and business models through real-world activities that use technology. Students design and make T-shirts they sell to the community.
Lance Hostetler, principal, (330) 482-3818, ext. 34314

Coventry Local (Summit): Daylighting the Stream, Booth 24
A local stream buried 50 years ago caused flooding and erosion. Hear how students restored riparian vegetation along the stream bank by planting over 500 trees.
Tina Norris, principal, (330) 644-2232

Cuyahoga Falls City: Interest-Based Learning Communities, Booth 16
Students begin their high school careers in small, interest-based learning communities where learning is focused on four key areas. Discover how students are impacted by this unique approach.
Allison Bogdan, principal, (330) 926-3808, ext. 502110

Cuyahoga Falls City: Tiger Voice — Where Student Voice Matters, Booth 15
Learn how this student-led organization creates exciting opportunities for student leaders to enhance the school culture and student experience at Cuyahoga Falls High School by working together.
Allison Bogdan, principal, (330) 926-3808, ext. 502110

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center: Auto Tech Likes Their Chrome, Booth 19
Hear how Auto Technology instructors inspired the district’s move to one-to-one learning using Chromebooks. The use and interactivity of online learning resources is new for auto technology.
Charles Russo, instructor, (440) 746-8281

Dalton Local (Wayne): Fifth-Grade Students Plan a Trip to Mars, Booth 51
Explore how fifth-grade students engineer, build and test items needed for a trip to Mars as part of the district’s STEAM curriculum for grades K-eight.
Laura Grimm, teacher, (330) 828-2405

Dublin City: Classroom Libraries in HS English, Booth 6
Discover how students benefit from classroom libraries and a workshop approach to learning. They are turning the page from the traditional one-novel approach to providing a personalized learning experience.
Kimberly Miller, chief academic officer, (614) 764-5913

Dublin City: Creating a Culture of Enrichment, Booth 5
The district presents its identified gifted students with engaging and challenging work. See how a K-five culture of enrichment and specialized services enables these students to build skills for future success.
Kimberly Miller, chief academic officer, (614) 764-5913

East Cleveland City: Chapters 4.0 Literacy-Based Mentoring, Booth 57
Chapters 4.0 provides opportunities for middle school “men” to participate in a series of activities and experiences with adult male mentors. Hear how the mentors help students improve and enhance achievement, character, hope and resiliency.
Myrna Loy Corley, superintendent, (216) 268-6580

East Cleveland City: We The People, Booth 58
Working with John Carroll University, elementary students learn about the U.S. Constitution and citizenship. See how students participate in a mock congressional hearing at the university to showcase their knowledge and talents.
Myrna Loy Corley, superintendent, (216) 268-6580

East Muskingum Local (Muskingum): Technology Program at LMIS, Booth 71
Discover how students are exposed to technology class every five days and how this prepares them for online testing and future technology advancements. Students learn skills like typing, drag and drop, saving documents and emailing.
Nathan Tharp, teacher, (740) 826-7655

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools: Interactive Media, Booth 29
Students demonstrate how to use filming and editing to create visual effects for various types of media.
Todd Seymour, instructor, (614) 836-5725

Fairview Park City: Innovation Center Fairview, Booth 35
Learn the educational benefits and outcomes from establishing a curriculum-based innovation center.
Christopher Kaminski, teacher, (440) 454-2955

Franklin City: Invasive Species Research and Cells, Booth 45
Explore how invasive species cell research and projects identify problems and solutions for controlling these species and cell structures.
Stacy Bailey, teacher, (937) 743-8665

Franklin City: Paper Roller Coasters, Booth 46
Discover how students in the STEM I class use their scientific knowledge of speed, potential energy and kinetic energy to design, build and test a roller coaster made from paper.
Jamie Lafferty, teacher, (513) 465-0626

Franklin Local (Muskingum): Ready, Set, Code!, Booth 41
Students demonstrate computer code using the Tickle app, iPads and Sphero or BB-8. They also write simple codes using Ozobots, robots that can “read” codes as students draw them.
Thelma Leese-Graham, instructor, (740) 819-2677

Franklin Local (Muskingum): Using Journals to Improve Learning, Booth 42
Learn how teachers use journals to help students organize their learning targets, goals and reflections in one central location. This easy-to-access resource helps provide clarity for students, teachers and parents.
Casandra McLendon, teacher, (740) 697-7216

Goshen Local (Clermont): Planning for Postsecondary Success, Booth 28
Embracing Ohio’s Career Advising Policy, students share how they develop systematic plans for college and career readiness through programs such as Believe in Ohio, Structured College/Career Days and internships.
Andrea Conner, director of college and career readiness, (513) 722-2227

Graham Local (Champaign): Career Gears, Booth 20
Discover how the Career Gears pathways in education program offers students college- and career-readiness opportunities through college courses and partnerships.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (614) 542-9606

Graham Local (Champaign): Farm-to-Table PBL Labs, Booth 21
Explore how students create products using project-based learning (PBL). Students use experiential challenges designed to link science and social studies topics with English and math presentation skills to solve real-world problems.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (614) 542-9606

Greene County Career Center: Carpentry, Booth 77
The career center’s Carpentry program teamed with the Greene County Parks & Trails agency to build doghouses as a community service project. Learn how the houses were auctioned off at the agency’s Doggie Dash ’n Splash Fest and helped support its Scout Dog Park.
Chad Muterspaw, instructor, (937) 372-6941

Green Local (Scioto): Green Elementary Catwalkers, Booth 38
Learn how students make healthy choices toward an active lifestyle through the Catwalkers program during recess. Participants walk around the football field, track their steps and distance walked and chart their progress.
Tim Sowers, teacher, (740) 354-9330, ext. 2108

Hamilton Local (Franklin): HTHS Young Makers Club Initiative, Booth 78
Using a grant from the Center of Science and Industry, the high school jump-started a Young Makers Club, which built two 3-D printers and filmed a documentary of the process. See the results of their work.
Phil Borkow, science department chair, (614) 491-8044, ext. 1800

Hillsdale Local (Ashland): Forensic Science and Zoology, Booth 70
Explore how elective classes in forensic science and zoology increase student interest in science. Forensics studies blood, fingerprints, hair and fiber evidence, toxicology and anthropology, while zoology studies animals and works with live invertebrates.
Melissa Abrams, teacher, (419) 368-6841

Independence Local (Cuyahoga): Cleveland Cavaliers Art Mural, Booth 83
Inspired by artist Chuck Close, 75 fourth-graders used a grid system to enlarge a photo to create a 22-by-10 foot mural featuring three Cleveland Cavaliers. Learn how they created the striking piece.
Mike Gruber, teacher , (440) 263-2348

Indian Valley Local (Tuscarawas): Elementary STEAM, Booth 14
Hear how students design and create functional art that connects to the subjects involved in STEM. All elementary students participate in this program once or twice a week in place of art class.
Elizabeth James, teacher, (740) 498-8389

Jefferson County JVSD: Auto Service Technology, Booth 49
Student-centered learning and growth is the focus of a vigorous and challenging program that promotes excellence and high standards. Learn how this leads to a high percentage of participants earning certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
Ron Reasoner, instructor, (740) 264-5545

Knox County Career Center: Landscape Design and Management, Booth 33
Discover how students prepare to meet industry standards and earn industry certifications by successfully competing at state and national competitions against students in two- and four-year college programs.
Jim Scott, instructor, (740) 397-5820, ext. 3309

Lake Local (Wood): Students in Action (SIA), Booth 40
This service group develops the leaders of today instead of waiting for the leaders of tomorrow. Learn how SIA develops leadership, communication, organizational and professional skills that serve others.
Tonya Schauwecker, adviser, (419) 661-6640

Liberty Union-Thurston Local (Fairfield): Teaching about the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11, Booth 39
Middle school teacher Keith Robinson delivered a presentation about the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the National Council for Social Studies Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Learn more about that talk when students present Remembering September 11: Student Projects Employing Inquiry and Technology.
Todd Osborn, superintendent, (740) 862-4171

Lima City: Lima Senior High School DECA Marketing, Booth 47
Discover how DECA students work, learn and participate in programs such as Big Spartans Little Spartans mentoring, in-school studio sportscasts, financial literacy and minority health public relations campaigns for the community.
Christina Hood, teacher, (419) 308-1188

Logan-Hocking Local (Hocking): Leader in Me, Booth 61
Learn how Green Elementary School (GES) and Logan-Hocking Middle School (LHMS) students are empowered through the Leader in Me program. Everyone can be a leader, everyone has genius and change starts with us.
Courtney Spatar, LHMS principal, and Rebecca Osburn, GES principal, (740) 385-8517

London City: London FFA — Living to Serve, Booth 52
Discover how FFA members integrate community service projects into the curriculum to enhance public knowledge of agriculture and improve their community.
Dana Snyder, teacher, (740) 852-5705, ext. 1805

Lorain City: Longfellow VEX Robotics Team, Booth 59
Students in grades six-eight design, engineer and program robots, which have earned top trophies at the VEX World Championships for two years. Learn what it takes to compete among the world’s best.
Deb Hansen, teacher, (440) 830-4220

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): Lordstown High Political History Club, Booth 17
Hear how this student-led group promotes civic participation. Last year the group held a Veterans Day event and attended the Iowa caucuses to work on campaigns.
Terry Armstrong, superintendent, (330) 824-2535

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Humanoid Robotics, Booth 3
Discover how this program gives Ohio school districts an opportunity to experience the STEM behind programming humanoid robots and how this translates directly to employable 21st century skills.
Jim Prater, teacher, (937) 259-4250

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering, Booth 4
See how Project Lead the Way can transform your middle school setting with highly engaging STEM-based activities that students enjoy.
Chad Bishop, teacher, (937) 237-4265

Margaretta Local (Erie): Margaretta FFA Chapter, Booth 11
With over 60 students enrolled in 2015, the Margaretta FFA Chapter is a leader in student achievement and community service. Hear how plant and animal sciences are taught with authentic, real-world projects.
Kevin Kremer, instructor, (419) 684-5351

Margaretta Local (Erie): Margaretta Ruriteen Organization, Booth 10
The Margaretta Ruriteen Organization raises funds for needy students through a dodge ball tournament and other local events. Discover how Ruriteen developed the first middle school leadership program in Ohio.
Andy Warner, adviser, (419) 684-5322

Marion City: Pathways to Diploma +, Booth 1
Learn how Harding High School’s innovative career and college pathways program prepares students for acceptance for a Diploma +, a credential or certificate toward their next steps.
Ryan Rismiller, assistant principal, (740) 223-4703

Massillon City: Construction Trades, Booth 43
Hear how the construction trades program has made a large impact on the school and community through high-level projects that enhance student skills and achievement in the career field.
Vaughn Mohler, instructor, (330) 830-3901

Meigs Local (Meigs): After School Kids (ASK), Booth 2
Learn how ASK creates successful students and productive members of society through a multi-focal after-school program that provides tutoring, fitness, snacks and bus transportation.
Kim Wolfe, after-school director, (740) 742-2408

Mentor EV: Construction Management — Flip a House, Booth 30
For the first time, students took on the project of flipping a house in the community. Hear about this hands-on learning experience — the biggest you’ve ever seen!
Kristen Kirby, director of community relations, (440) 796-9996

Mentor EV: Interactive Historical Wax Museum, Booth 31
Discover how students create an interactive wax museum to learn more about historical figures. Each student chooses a famous person to research and composes a speech that embodies the person’s childhood, obstacles and contributions to the world.
Heather Hardy, principal, (440) 796-9996

Miami Valley Career Technology Center: Improving our Future with Biotechnology, Booth 63
Biotechnology uses living organisms to develop better medical and agricultural products. Learn how to isolate your own DNA and test your micropipetting skills.
Kelly Herzog, public information coordinator, (937) 854-6056

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Auto Technology, Booth 75
Students demonstrate state-of-the-arts skills learned in the Auto Technology program. Learn how this program, certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, prepares students for a variety of careers in the automotive industry.
David Calendine, instructor, (740) 685-1516

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Precision Machining, Booth 76
Discover how students work on precision machining, drill presses, lathes, CNC equipment and computer technology that is used to solve critical production needs.
Gary Abel, instructor, (740) 454-0105

Middletown City: The Middle Mobile, Booth 73
The district bridges the summer gap by delivering grade-level academic packets, lunches and literacy activities to families. Discover how the district and community combine resources to support students and their families over the summer.
Tracy Neeley, teacher, (513) 267-6808

Painesville City Local (Lake): Book Box — Mobile Summer Book Swap, Booth 64
Learn how we provide a free bookmobile for our community twice a week and also have a reduced-price lunch program during the summer.
Heidi Fyffe-Yocum, director of programs , (440) 409-1883

Plain Local (Stark): Celebrate Diversity, Booth 13
Discover how students and families use visual art, music, dance, history and culinary experiences to peacefully inquire about diversity in the district.
Gayle Kimbrough, curriculum specialist, (330) 491-3935

Plain Local (Stark): Lil’ Eagles Productions, Booth 12
See how fourth-grade students create music videos to reinforce classroom content in this engaging, cross-curricular project that leverages the power of music.
David Thompson, teacher, (330) 491-3740

Portage Lakes Career Center: Fire Academy, Booth 55
Learn about a unique program that allows students to participate in live burn training through a partnership with the University of Akron. The training takes place at Summit County’s only burn building, housed on the career center’s campus.
John Kastor, instructor, (330) 896-8299

R.G. Drage Career Technical Center: Bakery Program, Booth 54
Students demonstrate various pastry art techniques using a curriculum developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation. Samples available upon request.
Dennis Finley, instructor, (800) 372-4322, ext. 346

River View Local (Coshocton): Teen Leadership Corps, Booth 9
Learn how this class helps juniors and seniors focus on how to become better leaders and serve their community.
Stephanie Snyder, teacher, (740) 824-3522

Seneca East Local (Seneca): Junior High Quiz Bowl, Booth 67
See how this team demonstrated teamwork and sportsmanship when it competed in a district competition and won first place, defeating larger schools and programs.
Susan Platt, adviser, (419) 934-0444

Seneca East Local (Seneca): World Languages, Booth 68
Hear how students study and learn French in an environment that focuses on real-life situations using technology in the classroom, particularly Skype.
Susan Platt, teacher, (419) 934-0444

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City: Augmented Reality Technology, Booth 53
Explore how students developed a topographical mapping system through augmented reality and how it can be used in a classroom.
Michael Cook, superintendent, (440) 949-4201

Steubenville City: Aviation Science, Booth 32
Discover how Steubenville High School is launching into the STEM module by offering a course that focuses on preflight instruction while incorporating math and science.
Natalie Campana, instructor, (740) 317-5598

Tallmadge City: Health and Health Careers, Booth 62
Hear how high school students learn about community health topics and careers and share their knowledge at a health fair for fourth- and fifth-graders.
Mike Srodawa, teacher, (330) 633-5505

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Constellations that Glow in the Dark, Booth 7
Explore how students create and discuss their own constellations using 3-D pens to make glow-in-the-dark replicas. The program incorporates science, math and technology.
Amy Mary, teacher, (937) 839-4688

Union Local (Belmont): Cell City Project, Booth 18
Hear how sixth-grade students use science and hands-on learning to create their own cities that represent the parts of a cell.
Mike Saffell, principal, (740) 782-1388

Union Local (Belmont): Honoring Student Accolades, Booth 8
Learn how students consistently win full scholarships, Best in Show awards and tri-state shows, along with top governor show awards and the Congressional Art Competition, in which the winning pieces hang in the U.S. Capitol.
Lisa Marple, instructor, (740) 782-1181

Union-Scioto Local (Ross): The Scoop on the SCOPES Academy, Booth 69
See how the district’s Science Cooperative of Physicians and Elementary Students (SCOPES) Academy embraces student growth through 3-D printing, robotics, coding, electrical engineering, scientific research and problem-based learning.
Jenni Domo, SCOPES director, (740) 773-4103, ext. 2501

Upper Valley Career Center: Exploring STEM in the Middle School, Booth 23
Upper Valley Career Center partnered with Piqua City Schools to implement an Exploring STEM class for seventh-graders. Hear how this class focuses on problem-based learning, teamwork and career exploration.
Dr. Nancy D. Luce, superintendent, (937) 381-1465

Wayne County Schools Career Center: WCSCC — Battelle for Kids Video Project, Booth 37
Juniors and seniors worked with Battelle for Kids to create a professional video for the Young Entrepreneurs Consortium. Discover how this experience provided real-world relevance for students.
Jennifer Rue, instructor, (330) 669-7000, ext. 4210

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fifth-Grade Guided Reading Castle Diorama, Booth 50
See how students made a diorama of a castle with a moat after reading the book, “A Castle in the Attic.”
Deb Johns, instructor , (419) 568-9100

Zanesville City: Build Your Own Robotics Program, Booth 48
Explore how to create and build your own robotics program by speaking with team members and advisers of the award-winning high school and elementary school robotics teams.
Rick Mohler, adviser, (740) 319-3520

Zanesville City: Students Becoming Authors, Booth 44
Learn about a project-based learning unit in which students design and publish a magazine and a book of nonfiction narratives and collaborate with community partners to organize and facilitate a book launch to raise funds.
Lori Lee, English teacher/library media specialist, (740) 819-8165

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