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Attack failing school facilities and win
2:30 PM | Tuesday, Nov 13 | Room: A 213–215
Reynoldsburg City describes how it was able to turn the knowledge that much of the HVAC equipment in multiple buildings was failing into a district-celebrated success story. Learn how integral the involvement of the board of education was to this process.
Topics: Business operations, Community engagement, Finance/facilities
Moderator: Jim Perdue, board member, Reading Community City and Great Oaks Career Campuses
Chris Reed, director of operations and services, Reynoldsburg City
Melvin Brown, superintendent, Reynoldsburg City
Joseph Begeny, board member, Reynoldsburg City
Deborah Dunlap, board member, Reynoldsburg City and Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools
Todd Mace, CEO, Dynamix Energy Services
Tammy Miller, treasurer, Reynoldsburg City
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