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Is dyslexia affecting reading scores?
2:30 PM | Monday, Nov 12 | Room: A 112–113
This hands-on dyslexia awareness session introduces you to the basics of this learning difference and how it could be negatively affecting student’s reading abilities in your district. Four certified academic language therapists guide you through a dyslexia simulation, similar to what Olentangy Local (Delaware) is presenting to its staff regularly, to promote dyslexia awareness. Reliable resources also will be shared with participants with one end goal in mind: Teaching all kids to read.
Topics: Administration, Innovation in instruction, Student achievement
Moderator: Karen Rumley, director of instructional program, Kent City
Beth Reusser, certified academic language therapist, Olentangy Local (Delaware)/Sensible Learning, LLC
Jennifer LaHaie, certified academic language therapist, JL Dyslexia Consulting LLC
Jean Tobias, school psychologist and certified academic language therapist, Plain Local (Stark)
Morgan Amend, certified academic language therapist, private tutor
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