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Design for an education transformation
2:30 PM | Sunday, Nov 11 | Room: A 223–225
Student achievement only happens by design. Middletown City and Fanning/Howey Associates Inc. describe how to transform your old space into new places for next-generation instruction. Using virtual reality, explore Middletown’s modernized high school and learn how facilities must change to support student engagement, achievement and transformation.
Topics: Finance/facilities, Innovation in instruction, Student achievement, Technology
Moderator: Ted Jebens, superintendent, Lockland Local (Hamilton)
Marlon Styles Jr., superintendent , Middletown City
George Long, business manager, Middletown City
Steve Wilczynski, AIA , executive director , Fanning/Howey Associates Inc.
Vonda Alberson, AIA, project manager, Fanning/Howey Associates Inc.
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