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Boost teachers’ tech skills with badges
4:00 PM | Monday, Nov 12 | Room: A 111
Felicity-Franklin Local (Clermont) uses badges to improve teachers’ technology skills with EdgeU. Designed by Forward Edge, EdgeU is a gamified professional learning program that champions learner choice and professional learning. Learn how to use badges to increase educator effectiveness by integrating technology, engaging learners and igniting collaboration and achievement.
Topics: Leadership development, Principals, Rural districts, Technology
Moderator: Matt Geha, superintendent, Springfield Local (Lucas)
Kathy Frye, curriculum director, Felicity-Franklin Local (Clermont)
Katie Siemer, director of curriculum and technology integration, Forward Edge
Michael Roush, technology integration specialist, Forward Edge – Felicity-Franklin Local (Clermont)
Donnie Hall, middle school social studies teacher, Felicity-Franklin Local (Clermont)
Daniel Rothwell, middle school mathematics teacher, Felicity-Franklin Local (Clermont)
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