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Crisis communications — what’s your plan?
8:00 AM | Tuesday, Nov 13 | Room: A 216
Often, a crisis is not limited to an actual situation like a school threat but includes how that crisis is being handled. With the advent of modern technology that can enable a swift communications response, Marysville EV and Allerton Hill Consulting share how you can prepare for a future crisis with a solid communication plan.
Topics: Board development, Leadership development, Public relations
Moderator: Susie Lawson, board member, Tri-County ESC and Wayne County Schools Career Center
Carole Dorn-Bell, outreach specialist, Allerton Hill Consulting
Jennifer Economus, outreach specialist, Allerton Hill Consulting
Diane Mankins, superintendent, Marysville EV
Jarrod Weiss, parent, Marysville EV
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