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Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System Room: Human resources
1:00 PM
Collective bargaining: A 2019 update and discussion of the costs of failing to reach agreement Room: Administration, Legal
Combatting Employment Harassment and Discrimination Room:
Evaluation, Non-Renewal and Termination Room: Human resources
New PK-12/Uncommon Partners, Common Goal Room: Finance
Police access to live feed surveillance Room: Legal, Safety and security
SEL in Action in Every Classroom Room: Critical and current issues, Social-emotional learning
Show, Don’t Tell: Active Storytelling Room: Community engagement
Technology tools and data privacy Room: Technology
Your First Year Survival Kit Room: Board development
1:30 PM
Lifting Leaders: How to Grow Leaders Room: Administration
ULDP – Urban Leadership Development Prog Room: Administration
2:30 PM
Building a strong safety infrastructure Room: Safety and security
Changing the Channel Room: Social-emotional learning
Creating a Trauma Informed School Room: Social-emotional learning
Engagement That Yields Results Room: Community engagement
Innovation Through Secondary Internships Room: Student Achievement
Say Yes to Education and Mentoring Room: Student Achievement
Supporting families at a one-stop center Room: Student Issues
The Dublin Bridge Street Development ROI Room: Finance
Vapes, Dabs and Picks – OH MY! Room: Critical and current issues
12:00 AM
Essential Policies Room: Board development
9:00 AM
Attracting, Hiring & Supporting Educators Room: Human resources
Booster groups 101 – best practices Room: Administration, Legal
Breaking down funding formula Room: Finance
Building Partnerships: PreK-K Transition Room: Student Achievement
Creating a technology boot camp in your district Room: Technology
Disciplining Students with Disabilities Room: Legal
Expanding Early Childhood Options Room: Critical and current issues
Facilities Impact on Student Achievement Room: Facilities
Flexible Learning in Action Room: Instructional innovation
How to talk to the media Room: Administration
Is your district culturally intelligent? Room: Social-emotional learning
Partners You Need to Keep Schools Safe Room: Safety and security
S.O.S. – The New District Distress Call Room: Legal
Superintendent/Treasurer Relationship Room: Board development, District Operations
To be determined Room: Board development
10:30 AM
2019 case law update Room: Legal
Build a better playing field – synthetic turf 101 Room: Athletics
C3PO: Do. Or do not. There is no try. Room: Career and college readiness, Instructional innovation
Circle of Care- staff wellness in schools Room: Administration, Critical and current issues
Comparing Section 504 and IDEA Room: Student Issues
Crisis Management for Education Leaders Room: Administration
Disproportionality Discipline Dilemmas Room: Critical and current issues
Drug/Alcohol Testing for Staff & Student Room: Legal
Emotional Support Room Room: Social-emotional learning
Full Scale Safety Drills Room: Safety and security
Get your feet wet Room: Board development
Hudson’s Journey to A Portrait of An Exp Room: Community engagement
Personalize professional development for your staff Room: Instructional innovation
Tech support savings with shared service Room: Technology
What is Fluency in the 21st Century? Room: Student Achievement
1:00 PM
Assisting students with mental health concerns Room: Social-emotional learning, Student Issues
Best Practices for Digital Kids Room: Student Achievement
Bringing your Strategic Plan to Life! Room: Administration
Building Closures and Consequences Room: District Operations
Connecting Classrooms to a global community Room: Technology
CREATE: A Teaching & Learning Conference Room: Instructional innovation
Creating a Family Resource Center Room: Critical and current issues
Education in an Automated Future Room: Critical and current issues
Effectively Reducing Employee Absences Room: Administration, Human resources
From Library to Learning Commons Room: Instructional innovation
Gaming leads to learning Room: Student Achievement
Hope Squad Stories of Measurable Impact Room: Social-emotional learning
Preparing students for a changing world Room: Career and college readiness, Instructional innovation
SOS:Safety for Students on IEPs and 504s Room: Safety and security
What’s the C? Conflicts of Interest Room: Legal
2:30 PM
21st Century Education: They Deserve It! Room: Administration
A year-long focus on student well-being Room: Critical and current issues, Social-emotional learning
Buildlng a career pathway for your students Room: Instructional innovation
Circuit of Success Room: Instructional innovation
CTE and K-12: A Partnership That Works Room: Career and college readiness, Instructional innovation
D&E Room: Board development
Equity and Open Education Resources Room: Critical and current issues
Game On for GPON Room: Technology
Important Insights from 10,678 US Girls Room: Social-emotional learning
Leadership on the rise – year 2 Room: Administration, Human resources
Merging Technology and School Finance Room: Finance, Technology
PRIME Forward Room: Student Achievement
Programs to Improve Safety & Achievement Room: Safety and security
Regulating Employee Social Media Use Room: Human resources
Student Generated WEPs for gifted services Room: Student Achievement
The building caught fire. Now what? Room: Facilities
4:00 PM
Beyond state oversight – our journey Room: Student Achievement
Building a DREAM Culture Room: Social-emotional learning
Conducting Vulnerability Assessments Room: Safety and security
Effective Leaders – Top 10 Qualities Room: Administration
Engage your community with a living quality profile Room: Community engagement
Enhance Curriculum thru Energy Savings Room: Instructional innovation
“It’s complicated.” Partnerships matter. Room: Facilities, Finance
My Story, My Voice Room: Student Issues
Ohio’s Tech Standards, How do they Fit? Room: Technology
Saving money w/ Solar and LED Upgrades Room: Finance
SKILLED TRADES: PUBLIC/PRIVATE SOLUTIONS Room: Career and college readiness, Career Centers
Team Kent: An Innovative Partnership Room: Social-emotional learning
Using threat assessments to increase school safety Room: Student Issues
We’re Under Cyber Attack! This is NOT a Drill! Room: Critical and current issues, Legal, Technology
12:00 AM
Legislative Update Room: Critical and current issues
8:00 AM
1 in 10 Children: Eating Disorders Room: Social-emotional learning
7 Things You Need to Stop Doing to be an efficient board Room: Technology
Classified staff and student growth Room: Instructional innovation
Food Service – Toledo Public Schools Room: District Operations
High School Esports Room: Instructional innovation, Technology
Into the Woods: Advanced Public Records Room: Legal
Naloxone in schools – A practical discussion Room: Safety and security
Ohio CS standards & STEMcoding overview Room: Instructional innovation
Professionalism Room: School Law Workshop
Sharing YOUR story through social media Room: Community engagement
Stop, collaborate & listen for a successful levy Room: Finance
The Effects of Poverty on Learning Room: Student Achievement
The Value of Principal Forums Room: Administration
Transportation by the numbers Room: District Operations
9:30 AM
A multi-layered approach to school safety Room: Safety and security
Become Trauma Informed Room: Critical and current issues, Social-emotional learning
Commit To What Matters: Leadership Room: Administration, Board development
Data Driven Instructional Change Room: Instructional innovation, Student Achievement
Driver Education Room: Career Centers
Dynamic School/University Partnerships Room: Community engagement
Effective Community Conversations Room: Community engagement
Empower EL Parents, Empower Learning Room: Community engagement, Instructional innovation, Student Achievement
Game Up! Room: Student Achievement
Kdg. Registration for Today’s Family Room: District Operations
Partnerships to fill the teacher pipline Room: Career and college readiness, Critical and current issues
Strong Partnerships Promoting Literacy Room: Administration, Instructional innovation
Taking SEL in your building to the next level Room: Social-emotional learning
Trials & Tribulations of Terminations Room: School Law Workshop
Welcome! Room: Student Achievement
11:00 AM
“All In” tackles Health Insurance Costs Room: , Finance, Human resources
Building a cybersecruity framework for your district Room: Technology
Building a strategic plan for your facilities Room: Facilities, Finance
Create an EPIC Culture of Teaching and L Room: Instructional innovation
Enrollment Management Strategies Room: Community engagement
Give & Toke: Medical Marijuana & Schools Room: School Law Workshop
Leadership Through Relationships Room: Administration
No Turf Wars: A Community Approach to School Safety Room: Safety and security
Stop TIFs from being imposed on schools Room: Finance
Successful levy campaigns and social media Room: Community engagement
Using OLAC to Close the Gap Room: Student Achievement
1:00 PM
“Another kid in Crisis? What to do!!!” Room: Social-emotional learning
Building a Quality Board Workshop Room: Board development
Creating a School-Based Health Center Room: District Operations
KIS Invention Convention- Room: Instructional innovation
Lean Six Sigma for Students Room: Student Achievement
Overcoming Mental Health Barriers Room: Social-emotional learning
PBIS Promotes School Safety at Minerva Room: Safety and security
Research Innovation Space Room: Instructional innovation
Role of Athletics in A Failing District Room: Athletics, Student Issues
The Academy at Twinsburg High School Room: Career and college readiness, Community engagement
Working with Media Minus a PR Pro Room: Community engagement
You Can’t Always Bid What you Want Room: School Law Workshop
1:30 PM
OEPI Room: Critical and current issues
2:30 PM
Benchmarking – putting it to work Room: Finance
Building Partnerships w/Local Businesses Room: Finance
Connect – inform. engage and empower your community Room: Community engagement
Creating alternative educational options Room: Social-emotional learning
Demystifying the Report Card Room: School Law Workshop
Equity and Justice in Education for All Room: Critical and current issues
Harnessing Social and Professional Media Room: Technology
Making Empowers All Learners Room: Student Achievement
Managing student misconduct on the bus Room: Administration
Teaching Professional Skills Room: Instructional innovation
Transitioning from Grades to SitRep Room: Instructional innovation
Trumbull County STEAM: A collaboration Room: Instructional innovation
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