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Drug Free, Hire Me! student drug testing
11:00 AM | Tuesday, Nov 13 | Room: A 114–115
Tri-Rivers Career Center, Avon Local (Lorain) and Great Lakes Biomedical partnered to initiate drug testing for students entering select career fields and voluntary testing for those joining the Drug Free, Hire Me! student club. Discover the benefits of a drug-free student club, incentives to encourage participation and effective organizational tips for success, and hear about mandatory student drug testing.
Topics: Career and college readiness, Safety and wellness, Student issues
Moderator: Kathleen Stacy, board member, Manchester Local (Adams)
Larry Hickman, chief instructional officer, Tri-Rivers Career Center
Kyle Prueter, president, Great Lakes Biomedical
Erich Frombach, athletic director, Avon Local (Lorain)
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