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Circuit of success
2:30 PM | Monday, Nov 11 | Room: B 131
Chardon Local (Geauga) shares how it implemented the Circuit of Success, a series of courses at its high school to help eighth-graders develop their purpose and align it with their mission and core values. Students study the principles of leadership, communication, innovation, global awareness, entrepreneurship and problem-solving.
Topics: Curriculum directors, Instructional innovation, Principals
Moderator: , ,
Michael Hanlon Jr., superintendent, Chardon Local (Geauga)
Ed Klein, assistant superintendent, Chardon Local (Geauga)
Douglas Murray, high school principal, Chardon Local (Geauga)
Douglas Higham, high school assistant principal, Chardon Local (Geauga)
Holly Mihalek, high school teacher, Chardon Local (Geauga)
Rob Mizen, high school teacher, Chardon Local (Geauga)
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