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How do you translate success?
10:30 AM | Monday, Nov 11 | Room: A 213–215
Parent participation plays a key role in student learning. However, for limited english proficient (LEP) parents, language is a barrier that may prevent them from participating in their children’s learning. See how Akron City supports and empowers LEP parents so they can successfully engage in their child’s education using family liaisons and interpreters.
Topics: Instructional innovation, Student Achievement, Urban schools
Moderator: Gail Martindale, board member, Cedar Cliff Local (Greene) and Greene County CC
Loi Dang-Nguyen, ESL and world languages learning specialist, Akron City
Susan Haury, EL district liaison, Akron City
Kathy Gill, EL building program liaison, Akron City
Sherry Bennington, principal of findley CLC, Akron City
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