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Diversity and equity — the answer to your evolving district
2:30 PM | Monday, Nov 11 | Room: B 233–235
Diversity and equity issues affect all districts. Join OSBA for a highly interactive panel discussion on some of today’s most vexing social issues, including poverty, diversity, inclusion, equity and homelessness. OSBA Diversity & Equity Consulting Services is an OSBA service provider.
Sponsor: Ulmer & Berne LLP
Topics: Board development, Critical and current issues, New board member
Moderator: Mark E. Bobo, membership retention and engagement consultant, OSBA
Daniel Juday, founder, Daniel Juday Services LLC
Stephen Francis , Esq., Franchise D&I Solutions LLC Diversity and Equity Challenges
Almitra Berry, chief executive officer, founder and principal consultant, A L Berry Consulting
Kimberly Brazwell, founder, KiMISTRY
Rico Rice, president, Rice Education Consulting
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