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EdChoice 2.0 — a legal and practical review
1:00 PM | Tuesday, Nov 10 | Room: Room 8
After nearly a year of debate and several legislative amendments, the updated EdChoice Voucher Program is here. Akron CIty, Perrysburg EV and Pepple & Waggoner Ltd. review EdChoice 2.0, including its history and recent changes. Learn how EdChoice may impact your district’s funding, budget, enrollment, facilities and long-term planning.
Topics: Critical and current issues, Finance, Legal
Moderator: Jennifer Hogue, director of legislative services, OSBA
Ryan Pendleton, treasurer, Akron City
Thomas Hosler II, superintendent, Perrysburg EV
Brian DeSantis, attorney, Pepple & Waggoner Ltd.
Donna Andrew, partner, Pepple & Waggoner Ltd.
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