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Addressing Student Barriers
Serving Vulnerable Students and Reducing Barriers Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Maximize Impact Through the Power of Partnerships Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Alternative Graduation Pathways: Panel Discussion Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
***Black Caucus session**** Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Navigating Challenges and Building Solutions Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
The Quest for OZ: Workforce Development Services Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
The Sound of (Inclusive) Music Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
One District’s Journey Against Chronic Absenteeism Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Understanding Meal Debt & Implementing Policy Room: Thursday – 12:00 AM
Embracing Leadership Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Crucial to Courageous Conversations Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
From Isolation to Integration Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Principal Leadership Matters Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Bargaining Hot Topics Panel Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Strengthening Superintendent & Union Relationship Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Growing the Humanity of the Administrative Team Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
How To Prevent Principal Burnout Through Mentoring Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Interpreting Ohio’s Gifted Rule Updates Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
LeaderSHIFT Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Succession Planning and Leadership Development Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Legislation Impacting OHSAA Member Schools Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Coach Beyond: Coaches in Student-Athlete Wellness Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Barriers to success
A Holistic Approach to Improving Student Attendanc Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Beyond Behavior: Role of the Success Skills Coach Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Empowering Diverse School and Home Connections Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
The Path to High School Success Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Leading for Equity Through Language Mindfulness Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Finding the Diamonds-Hiring Quality Administrators Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
No cell bell to bell: Boundaries for screen time Room: Tuesday – 1:00 PM
Beyond COVID-19
Addressing Student Needs in a Post-Covid World Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Board governance
TBA Later Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Advocating for Dollars & Sense in Public Education Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Benefits of a Committe Board Structure Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Spreading an Effective Message after AOS Guidance Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
TBD Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Cheryl’s Breakout Session Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Board Meetings: Live, In-Person. What Can Go Wrong Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Resources to Support Board Leadership Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Strategic Transformation: Creating a Go-To District Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Stop this crazy thing! Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Career tech
Where did all the students go? Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Evaluating CTC Satellite Program Funding Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Communications and community engagement
Effective School Communications Room: Thursday – 12:00 AM
Creating Connections: School Boards Engaging the Community Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Launching a Comprehensive Community Engagement Plan Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Building a Facilities Communications Plan Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
From Chaos to Clarity: Simplifying School Finance Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Strategic Storytelling: Inspiring Action Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Student-Driven Communication: Innovative PR Strategies Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Reflections on Navigating a Crisis Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Stakeholder Engagement: Key to School Improvement Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
A Seat at the Table: Developing an Engagement Plan Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Equitable Community Engagement Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Appreciology: The Art & Science of Appreciation Room: Tuesday – 1:00 PM
Critical and current
Legislative Update Room: Sunday – 8:30 AM
OEPI Examines School Funding and Taxation Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Essential Policies for 2025 — part 1 Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Wearing Dual Hats: Board Member in the Classroom: Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Customer-Focus is a Catalyst for Public Schools Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Essential Policies for 2025 — part 2 Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Juggling School Leadership in Today’s Environment Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Addressing Behaviors by Students with Disabilities Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Social Media & Youth Mental Health. Can we help? Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Implementing Evidence-Based Crisis Response Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
School Services for Refugees Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
District operations
Knowledge is Power: Manage School Energy Expenses Room: Thursday – 12:00 AM
Creatively Financing Capital Improvements Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
School Bus Safety Working Group Recommendations Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Future Classrooms: Integrating AI into K12 Schools Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Key Areas of School Transportation Management Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
S.T.A.R.T. Bus Safety, learn from the instructors. Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Effective District PBIS Framework Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Best Practices: Special Needs Transportation Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Proactive Measures for School Safety and Security Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Your ESC – A Partner for Educator Retention Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Above the Flood: New Boston School Lets in Light Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Designing for Different Pedagogies Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Finance it! Buy it! Build it! Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
A guide to financing facility projects Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Impact of STEM Spaces in K-12 Education Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Flipping the Script: Community-first Planning Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Board Member’s Role in Budget Planning Room: Thursday – 12:00 AM
Property Values Increasing? What’s the FULL Story? Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
The ABC’s of Treasurers Speak Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
IDEA Part B Fiscal Requirements Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Human resources
Attracting and Keeping Dedicated and Diverse Staff Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Proven Strategies to Attract and Retain Staff Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Civic Engagement: Empowering Ohio’s Youth Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Parental Rights in K-12 Education Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
EdChoice Voucher Lawsuit on Track for Success Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Ethics rocks some more! Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Being An Augmented Leader In the Age of Generative Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
From Misbehavior to Appeals: A Walk-Through of Reg Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
2024 case law update Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Parental rights in education Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Technology misuse and employee discipline Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Gender Issues and the Law: Episode 3 Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Marijuana Use By Employees and Students Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Tax Incentives & Their Effects on School Districts Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Top ten legal mistakes at board meetings Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Safety and security
Title IX Investigations: Practical Tips Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
School Reunification Workshop Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Transportation Emergency Planning Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
School Law Workshop
Generative AI Year 2: Gooder, Badder, Uglier? Room: Tuesday – 12:00 AM
Here We Go Again! New 2024 Title IX Regulations Room: Tuesday – 12:00 AM
Marijuana Use By Employees and Students Room: Tuesday – 12:00 AM
Student Discipline: Due (and Don’t) Process Room: Tuesday – 12:00 AM
Student achievement
Envisioning the W in D.E.W.! What works? Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Be Careful What You Label a Weakness! Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Empowering Futures: Cultivating Student Success Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Experiential Learning Program: Student-Run Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Inclusive Instructional Leadership in Action Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
OSU Student Leadership Research Collaborative Room: Monday – 1:00 PM
Career Awareness Through the THS VETTS Clinic Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
Consistency, Collaboration in a PLC Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
CSOs, Leveraging Student Voice & Advocacy Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
More Brownies and Less Broccoli Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Pathways to Success Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
School Board Standards and SA Room: Monday – 4:00 PM
Student Voice & Choice: Ready for Tomorrow! Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Super Kids- Super Ready! Strong Foundation! Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Intensifying Literacy Interventions Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Learning from Youth Voice Room: Tuesday – 9:30 AM
Creating a positive school climate and culture Room: Tuesday – 1:00 PM
Equipping BOEs with Special Education Fundamentals Room: Tuesday – 1:00 PM
Technology and data management
Innovating for Tomorrow: AI in Action Room: Sunday – 2:30 PM
Securing your K-12 environment from cyber threats Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Revenge of the Nerds: Listen to Your IT Staff Room: Tuesday – 8:00 AM
Game On: Revolutionizing School Health Education Room: Sunday – 1:00 PM
Innovative Strategies for Growing Ohio Farm to Sch Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Let Them Move Room: Monday – 9:00 AM
Reducing Youth Suicide in Schools Room: Monday – 10:30 AM
Supporting Student Mental Health Room: Monday – 2:30 PM
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