Districts participating in the 2021 Student Achievement Fair

Student Achievement Fair participants

(listed alphabetically by district)

Barnesville EV, SAF Booth 3

Incorporating Reading and Math into Elementary Electives

Learn how teachers extend reading and math classroom lessons into the areas of music, library, art and physical education.

Lynn Spiczenski, superintendent’s secretary (740) 425-3615, ext. 3001


Beavercreek City, SAF Booth 26

Beavercreek Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)

Learn how the AFJROTC program, which is designed to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship, community service, personal responsibility and self-discipline, has impacted an entire community.

Jeff Madden, director of student services (938) 458-2417


Belpre City, SAF Booth 57

Belpre High School Pottery Program

Watch student artists create beautiful pottery, and learn how to create a self-sustaining pottery program in your district.

Chad Stevens, art teacher (304) 481-8767


Bethel-Tate Local (Clermont), SAF Booth 47

Bethel-Tate Middle School Band Virtual Learning

Review video and audio examples showing how the Bethel-Tate Middle School band was able to perform virtually during the 2020-21 school year. Students share what the process was like from their perspectives.

Paul Glader, music teacher (513) 734-2271, ext. 7151


Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield), SAF Booth 7

Bloom-Carroll High School Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab brings technology and brainpower together. Hear how students are exposed to state-of-the-art equipment, such as laser cutters, 3-D printers, vinyl cutters and computer programs while learning how to apply the engineering design process with the same industry-leading technology and software used in the world’s top companies.

Lori Gudde, teacher (614) 837-0786


Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield), SAF Booth 6

Bloom-Carroll Middle School (BCMS) Tech Club

Learn about this club, which includes the BCMS Robotics Team that competes in the FIRST Lego League completion; the BCMS Girls Who Code Club that promotes women in technology-related fields; and the BCMS ESports team, which competes weekly by playing online video games.

Robin Caudill, teacher/adviser (614) 837-6205


Brunswick City, SAF Booth 42

Brunswick Schools BEAT Video Program

Learn about an award-winning group of over 50 student “jackpack journalists,” who produce between 250-300 news stories with photos, and video news stories, covering events, activities and news throughout Northeast Ohio. Their stories have been published by print, web and TV new media in Northeast Ohio as well as nationally.

John Wasylko, Beat video program adviser
and manager of 1025 The Beat (330) 321-7601


Cambridge City, SAF Booth 8

STEM: Drone Pilot Class

Hear about the STEM drone class as students describe the course and display the drones.

Dan Coffman, superintendent (740) 439-3641


Chippewa Local (Wayne), SAF Booth 16

Chippewa Robotics

Hear how students build and program robots; create intricate wood inlays using Adobe Illustrator and laser engravers; design desktop lamps using repurposed materials; and much more.

Todd S. Osborn, superintendent (330) 658-6368


Cincinnati Public, SAF Booth 37

Cincinnati Public Schools Preschool Expansion

Learn how the district continues to expand high-quality, comprehensive preschool programs to prepare students for lifelong learning and collaborative family supports.

Vera Brooks, director of early childhood education (513) 363-0241


Clermont-Northeastern Local (Clermont), SAF Booth 30

Turtles and Telemetry

Learn how zoology students used a grant to locate, track and investigate the movement of eastern box turtles on campus.

TJ Glassmeyer, principal (513) 625-1211, ext.112


Columbus City, SAF Booth 13

Fort Hayes Arts & Academic Dance Ensemble

The Fort Hayes Arts & Academic Dance Program created a documentary about the making of a performance during a global pandemic. Learn about the documentary, which features students and their return to in-person dance rehearsals while following social-distancing guidelines and highlights their unique perspectives and emotional journeys.

Gabrielle Stefura, high school dance educator (380) 997-6218


East Muskingum Local (Muskingum), SAF Booth 31


Learn about this project that focuses on conservative practices using variable rate fertilization and grid soil sampling to analyze crop needs. The curriculum of the 4-Rs of soil conservation — right source, right place, right rate and right time — are extended from the classroom to hands-on experiences.

Jessie Nicholson, superintendent’s administrative assistant (740) 826-7655


Federal Hocking Local (Athens), SAF Booth 38

Federal Hocking STEM

Hear how STEM is being integrated into the district’s curriculum. Last summer, the district hosted its first-ever STEM Camp with participants from all grades.

Bruce Hoover, principal (740) 667-3121


Goshen Local (Clermont), SAF Booth 29

Girls On The Run

Discover how this evidence-based, physical activity program for girls in grades three to five teaches them specific skills and strategies, such as how to manage emotions, help others, make intentional decisions and resolve conflict.

Ashley Andrews, principal (513) 722-2225


Greenville City, SAF Booth 20

Greenville Career Tech Education Center Teaching Professions Program

Hear how students in this program are working towards a career in education by providing child care for elementary students in the mornings and supporting classrooms and teachers across the district during their senior year. Their Education Principles Portfolio captures their work and learning to finalize the program.

Andrea D. Townsend, director of career tech
and special education (937) 548-3185, ext. 1301


Greenville City, SAF Booth 19

Greenville CTEC IMTV Never Stop Serving

The Interactive Media and Television (IMTV) Program has partnered with the local VFW to chronicle the service of veterans from our community. Hear how this partnership led to a regular webcast titled “Never Stop Serving,” with students working with veterans to capture and archive their stories of service on a YouTube channel.

Andrea D. Townsend, director of career tech
and special education (937) 548-3185, ext. 1301


Hardin Northern Local (Hardin), SAF Booth 5

Historical Gaming: Reacting to the Past

Historical gaming portrays historical characters with specific goals. Discover how students must communicate, collaborate and negotiate in order to achieve their objectives in this role-playing game.

Joe Foster, history teacher (419) 957-2355


Hardin Northern Local (Hardin), SAF Booth 4

History Brigade

Hear about this student organization, which works to create living history experiences through local living historians by creating hands-on demonstrations and video vignettes that capture the stories and inspire others to embrace the lessons of the past, while preserving history for future generations.

Joe Foster, history teacher (419) 957-2355


Hillsdale Local (Ashland), SAF Booth 9

Game On!

Students in a summer school program explain how they designed a game using a Finchbot. Students created a “monster mash” theme, designing a monster with the Finchbot, constructing a lair, making an artifact and completing a challenge to defend the monster’s home. All of this was completed using new pieces of technology purchased with Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief grant funds.

Jenny Stump, teacher (419) 368-8500


Jackson City, SAF Booth 25

My Monster

Elementary students draw their monster, and the drawing is digitized, modeled and 3-D printed by high school students. Hear how this program is building art connections through the grades.

Shaun Gentry, art teacher (740) 286-7575


Kettering City, SAF Booth 49

Revitalizing a Ghost Town!

Hear how third-grade students participated in an authentic STEAM learning experience by revitalizing a ghost town. Students were challenged to revitalize Moonville, Ohio, which once was a mining town, turning it into a self-sustaining community and the new headquarters of Ohio Amtrack.

Bern Schwieterman, STEAM integration coach (937) 499-2459


Kettering City, SAF Booth 48

The Many Uses of de Bono’s Six Hats

Students use the Six Thinking Hats strategy across disciplines. Discover how students use hats to solve problems and come up with ideas through various activities.

Karen Kronour, gifted intervention specialist (937) 631-1723


Lakota Local (Butler), SAF Booth 21


Welcome to INCubatoredu@Lakota, where 100 students work alongside professional mentors, ideating and developing their own product or service. Discover why this program is Shark Tank for the classroom.

Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177


Lakota Local (Butler), SAF Booth 23

Lakota Cyber Academy

With millions of jobs available, students learn about cybersecurity through Lakota’s Cyber Academy. Learn how students earn industry certifications, enabling them to join the workforce upon graduation.

Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177


Lakota Local (Butler), SAF Booth 22

Sources of Strength

Learn how student leaders at junior high schools promote a positive school climate, healthy decision-making and suicide prevention while raising mental health awareness among their peers.

Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177


Lakota Local (Butler), SAF Booth 24

Spill It Fill It

Hear how a lesson about civic responsibility led a class of fifth-graders to implement a peer-challenge campaign to clean up litter.

Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177


Licking Heights Local (Licking), SAF Booth 10

Virtual Career Day

Discover how an elementary school counselor created a platform to share videos of community members showcasing different career options.

Lindsey Needham, teacher (740) 964-1674, ext. 50913


London City, SAF Booth 36

Career Readiness Curriculum

Learn how students explore internships, service learning and in-demand careers and complete self-assessments while creating connections between the classroom and the workplace.

Betsy Dennis, college and career readiness coordinator (740) 852-5705, ext. 3020


London City, SAF Booth 35

London Unlimited

Discover London Unlimited, a district program that allows students the flexibility to alter their schedule while still gaining a high-quality education.

Carla Shaw, director of innovation and virtual programs (740) 852-5705


Mad River Local (Montgomery), SAF Booth 33

Mad River Esports

Learn how to initiate, recruit and sustain an esports team in your district though an authentic experience interacting with the students and staff from Stebbins High School’s team.

Jim Prater, engineering instructor (937) 237-4250, ext. 7210


Mansfield City, SAF Booth 32

Mansfield Senior High School Culinary Arts Program

Learn about this premier career-technical education course that has a history of providing training for high school students in the culinary arts and food service industry.

Edward Golden, instructor (419) 508-5737


Maple Heights City, SAF Booth 34

Maple Heights Teacher Academy

The Teacher Academy Program, a career-technical option for students in Maple Heights City and four other local districts, earned a national title in the “Ethical Dilemma” competition. Hear how the program operates as students share their experiences competing in and winning a national championship.

Charlie Keenan, superintendent (216) 587-6100


Medina City, SAF Booth 55

Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO Program)

Learn how the district’s gifted services have collaborated with area businesses and high school staff to create a semester-long program that provides an overview of the job search process from start to finish. Participating students also job shadow for eight weeks, gaining valuable experience.

Amy Busby, director of community relations (330) 636-3030


Mentor EV, SAF Booth 40

Cardinal Credit Union — Community Partnership!

Connecting with the local Cardinal Credit Union, the district began operating a bank branch inside Mentor High School. Discover how this opportunity allowed business students to learn about banking, while helping all students learn about personal finance and how to open their own checking accounts.

Kristen Kirby, director of community relations (440) 255-4444


Mentor EV, SAF Booth 39

Construction Management

Learn about this career-technical program in which students complete a home renovation in the community. This is the epitome of hands-on learning as students can practice lifelong skills that will help them in trade school, college or their career field after graduation.

Kristen Kirby, director of community relations (440) 255-4444


Miami Valley Career Technology Center, SAF Booth 50

Career Connections Lab

Discover how partnership between the Miami Valley Career Technology Center and Montgomery County ESC supports ESC students in grades nine-12 with hands-on, real-life, meaningful content such as basic construction skills using power and hand tools; basic electrical and plumbing; 3-D printing; landscaping and gardening, in which food is donated to a local food pantry; banking; résumé skills; and much more.

Theresa Lingenfelter, satellite supervisor (937) 248-6518


Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, SAF Booth 14

Criminal Justice

In this program, students learn crime scene investigation, interrogation, counter-terrorism and threat assessment. Hear how students receive training in self-defense, dispatch, corrections, rehabilitation, probation and the safe use of firearms.

Scott Sabino, director — Zanesville campus (740) 454-0101


Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, SAF Booth 15

Multi-Skilled Health Technologies

Students share information on health promotion and maintenance. Participate in blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol level checks and nutrition guidance.

Keith Arnold, director — Buffalo campus (740) 685-2516


New Lebanon Local (Montgomery), SAF Booth 11

8/5 Club

Hear how eighth-grade leaders facilitate academic tutoring, mentorship and focused character-building for fifth-grade students to promote a positive transition into middle school.

Thom Maxwell, principal (937) 687-3508


New Lebanon Local (Montgomery), SAF Booth 12

Dixie High School Students Helping Students

Discover the work being done to prevent mental distress. Learn about the framework of the programs and peer-to-peer intervention strategies.

Brad Wolgast, principal (937) 686-1366


Noble Local (Noble), SAF Booth 17

Shenandoah High School Robotics Team

Learn about the robotics and drone technology this team is working on as well as its latest adventure in building a Rube Goldberg machine, which won the 2021 Legacy Award. The development of this program and the Fab Lab has led to the school becoming one of the few rural STEM-designated high schools in the area.

Justin Denius, high school principal (740) 732-2361


North Ridgeville City, SAF Booth 28

Champions 4 Life

Champions 4 Life is a student-led organization that cultivates future leaders. Learn about this program, which was founded on the key principles of accountability, empowerment, integrity and service.

Marci Saxon, board of education vice president (216) 374-4266


Olentangy Local (Delaware), SAF Booth 18

Olentangy Academy STEM

Learn about Olentangy Academy, a STEM building for grades nine-12 where students work on real-world engineering and medical projects. Some projects include: an automated VEX marble sorter, a time capsule collection of artifacts, experiencing delivering suturing and Genius Hour.

Karen Sedoti, principal (740) 657-5800


Plain Local (Stark), SAF Booth 52

Advancement to Nursing Program

The world we live in causes all of us to have a greater focus on health and wellness. Get your blood pressure checked and learn healthy living tips from nursing students in the GlenOak High School Advancement to Nursing program.

Leigh Anne Helson, principal (330) 491-3800


Plain Local (Stark), SAF Booth 51

National History Day

Watch history come alive as students from Oakwood Middle School take you to a moment in time through their state-level National History Day group projects. Review student plays, documentaries and projects.

Jeanne McNeal, principal (330) 491-3790


Riverside Local (Lake), SAF Booth 45

Recognizing Riverside Podcast

Hear how four members of the class of 2022 created Recognizing Riverside, a weekly student-centered podcast that celebrates the Riverside culture.

Jaime McIntyre, adviser (440) 479-8961


Riverside Local (Lake), SAF Booth 54

SIDE Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Service

Learn about this two-year program where students learn the basics of entrepreneurship through hands-on activities and projects so that they may provide service to the community.

Jaime McIntyre, adviser (440) 479-8961


Tallmadge City, SAF Booth 44

Tallmadge Builders’ Club

Builders Club — open to all students — is the largest service organization for middle school students. Hear how members work together and develop servant-leaders skills as they serve their school and community.

Chad Nash, club supervisor/classroom teacher (330) 714-1228


Toledo City, SAF Booth 56

Students Making Achievements Right This Second (SMARTS)

Hear how this student voice initiative engages students to foster change at the building, district and community levels.

Jennifer Lawless, senior director of college and career readiness (419) 619-0308


Upper Valley Career Center, SAF Booth 1

Veterinary Science

Gain insight into the vast veterinary and animal science field with a specific focus on science, including anatomy, physiology, nutrition and health concepts.

Michelle Brunson, executive director (937) 778-1980


Vinton County Local (Vinton), SAF Booth 53

Reaching Biliteracy in Appalachia

Learn how the district developed a middle school Spanish program, allowed high-achieving students to attend the high school for Spanish and French classes and partnered with Rio Grande Community College to offer a Spanish College Credit Plus track with courses beneficial for the district’s Seal of Biliteracy Program. Students can take three college courses to earn an associate degree in general studies with a focus on language.

Gildy Smith, Spanish teacher (740) 447-4946


Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize), SAF Booth 43

Third-Grade Guided Reading: Family Tree Project

Hear how students spent the 2020-21 school year learning about American symbols. On completing their study of the Statue of Liberty and immigration, they researched and made family trees using our Makerspace Den.

Deb Johns, guided reading instructor (419) 568-9100, ext. 1045


Woodmore Local (Sandusky), SAF Booth 2

Visual Communication Technology (VCT)

Students learn about VCT, multimedia development, video production, photography, publishing and marketing techniques. Hear how the yearbook staff creates layouts and designs, writes copy and feature articles, photographs student activities and sell advertisements in this program.

Tina Sandwisch, high school English teacher (419) 862-2721, ext. 3410


Worthington City, SAF Booth 46

Explore STEM

Learn about Explore STEM, a summer camp designed to develop interest, excitement and self-confidence through field trips and activities in traditionally underrepresented middle school learners.

Angie Adrean, assistant superintendent (614) 450-6000


Districts providing services at the 2021 OSBA Capital Conference Relaxation Stations

(All are located in the Trade Show and sponsored by Equal Level.)

Columbus City Columbus Downtown
High School end of aisle 1400

Hand and arm massages and manicures (Tuesday)


Mahoning County Career and Technical Center Booths 126–136

Blood pressure and wellness information (Monday)


South-Western City Career Academy end of aisle 1400

Cosmetology (Monday)


Tolles Career & Technical Center  Booths 126–136

Hand and arm massages, cosmetology and manicures (Tuesday)

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