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The Mustang Stable — CLCs in action
1:00 PM | Monday, Nov 14 | Room: A 216
Grand Valley Local (Ashtabula) and Ashtabula County ESC explain the concept of community learning centers (CLCs), their place in schools and how they have adapted the model on their campus. Get tangible information and a step-by-step guide to implement a CLC in your district.
Topics: Community engagement, ESCs, Principals
Moderator: William Nye Jr., superintendent, Grand Valley Local (Ashtabula)
Deliarose Marroquin, community liaison, Grand Valley Local (Ashtabula)
Carrie Brumit, school counselor, Grand Valley Local (Ashtabula)
Roberta Cozad, high school principal, Grand Valley Local (Ashtabula)
Alexandra DeGeorge, community & family engagement liaison, Ashtabula County ESC
Stuart McIntyre, community learning center project director, Ohio Federation of Teachers
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