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Consistency and collaboration in a PLC
2:30 PM | Monday, Nov 11 | Room:
Unlock the secrets of success in this a dynamic workshop led by experienced teachers. Discover how Newcomerstown EV’s highly effective sixth-grade professional learning community (PLC) team excels with an organized, data-driven approach despite a modest budget. Get invaluable strategies, tips and methods grounded in Defour’s principles to elevate the effectiveness of your PLC.
Topics: Administration, Instruction
Moderator: , ,
Ashley Brooks, middle school math teacher, Newcomerstown EV
Shelley Cline, middle school ELA teacher, Newcomerstown EV
Angela Decaminada, middle school special education teacher, Newcomerstown EV
Elyssa Drouhard, middle school history teacher, Newcomerstown EV
Tara Supers, middle school science teacher, Newcomerstown EV
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