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Is your district culturally intelligent?
9:00 AM | Monday, Nov 11 | Room: A 216
Do you want to create a school community where all students feel safe, welcome and valued? Perrysburg EV shares an overview of its work on cultural intelligence and equitable practices. Participate in diversity and implicit bias activities and learn about the action steps and structure created to enable this district focus.
Topics: Guidance counselors, Social-emotional learning, Student issues
Moderator: , ,
Sara Stockwell, director of student services and well-being, Perrysburg EV
Andrea Glesser, director of special education, Perrysburg EV
Thomas Hosler II, superintendent, Perrysburg EV
Kellie Johnson, executive director of human resources, Perrysburg EV
Dawn Burks, high school counselor, Perrysburg EV
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