Districts participating in the 2019 Student Achievement Fair

The following districts are participating in the 2019 Capital Conference Student Achievement Fair.

Akron City: Firestone Cheerleading, SAF Booth 2
Learn about this school program in which cheerleaders are held to the highest standard possible and represent the community with class and dignity while growing as a family to support each other.
Dawn Wilson, fine arts learning specialist, (330) 761-3189

Alexander Local (Athens): Science Olympiad, SAF Booth 19
Meet high school students currently working in class and through Science Olympiad. View projects related to 3-D printing, astronomy and metal casting.
Dan Hendershott, science lead teacher, (740) 698-8837

Barnesville EV: Vocational Agriculture, SAF Booth 32
Hear about this greenhouse program and view photos of the spring greenhouse. Learn about the tower garden research projects and see firsthand samples of the fall mum crop.
Etta Moyer, teacher, (740) 425-3617, ext. 5183

Bellaire Local (Belmont): STEM Initiative, SAF Booth 46
Discover an exciting, interactive and collaborative STEM program that meets the goals of 21st century learning, leading to graduation and a college- or career-ready student.
Derrick McAfee, high school principal, (740) 359-7952

Belpre City: Pottery Program, SAF Booth 60
Learn how to start a successful high school pottery program on a tight budget. Students demonstrate resourceful studio techniques and discuss student-run pottery sales.
Chad Stevens, art teacher, (304) 481-8767

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Pre-Engineering Technologies, SAF Booth 81
See how this course uses problem-based learning to develop skills using the engineering design process. Hear how students explore career opportunities in engineering, programming, robotics, circuits and 3-D design.
Mary Ford, teacher, (614) 837-6205

Caldwell EV: Responsibility, Engagement, Decorum (RED), SAF Booth 67
Learn how students integrate their school’s mission through RED behavior and how you can operationalize your mission through rules and procedures.
Aaron Benjamin Rutherford, principal, (740) 732-5634

Campbell City: Destination Imagination, SAF Booth 72
Discover how this STEAM-based club teaches problem-solving, teamwork and leadership as students demonstrate time management, perseverance and thinking outside the box.
Dana King, coordinator, (330) 774-8486

Champion Local (Trumbull): Coding in Kinder, SAF Booth 1
This program enhances achievement through early exposure to artificial intelligence coding. Learn how to prepare young students for higher levels of coding and programming.
Alexandra Nannicola, elementary school principal, (330) 847-2325

Circleville City: Robotics, SAF Booth 33
See an award-winning high school robotics team in action, with its sumo robotics builds, self-driving golf cart and other problem-based learning solutions.
Josh Thomas, robotics/STEM teacher,n(740) 474-4340

Columbiana County ESC: Mug Mania! Starting a Micro-business, SAF Booth 47
Entrepreneurial experiences provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to develop essential employment skills, independence and pride. Learn how transition students have launched a logo mug micro-business, finding success and a niche in the community.
Kitty Kromer, transition coordinator, (330) 424-9591

Columbus City: Fort Hayes Diversity and Inclusion Club, SAF Booth 89
Learn about this pilot program that pursues recognition, acceptance and social justice for all gender, racial and otherwise challenged students in the community. The Diversity Club is a place where LGBTQ, homeless and challenged youth are welcomed through exciting programming.
Martha Tepper, vocal music director/club sponsor, (404) 545-9044

Crestview Local (Columbiana): Problem-Based Learning Display, SAF Booth 61
Explore how students in grades three and four can work with a business on real-life problem-solving. See how students collaborated with companies and their engineers on the problem of sand extraction from 3-D molds for printing.
Matthew Manley, superintendent, (330) 482-5526

East Muskingum Local (Muskingum): Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists (TECHFIT), SAF Booth 99
Learn about an innovative program designed to spark STEM interest in middle schoolers by demonstrating the impact information and technology have on our world while inspiring them.
Chad Ryan, principal, (740) 826-7655

Fairfield Local (Highland): Transition to Work, SAF Booth 78
Learn about a successful transition-to-work program in which students with disabilities work alongside typical peers learning job skills and career awareness, becoming familiar with opportunities for employment and independent living.
Mendy Hamilton, director, (937) 780-2221

Franklin City: Gamification and Robotics, SAF Booth 80
Hear about design challenges with robotics and gamification in the classroom.
Amy Hudson Estepp, educational technologist, (937) 743-8648

Franklin Local (Muskingum): The Commercial Project, SAF Booth 68
Discover how fifth-grade students create a product to sell to their peers and use iPads to make and produce a commercial to sell their product.
Kari Scott, music teacher, (740) 674-5211

Gahanna-Jefferson City: Gahanna Employability and Adult Readiness (GEAR), SAF Booth 3
See how the GEAR program helps students build independence in a work environment while acquiring transferable employment skills and hands-on work experience. The program also fosters independent living skills.
Ruthie Yoder, intervention specialist, (614) 545-9237

Gallia County Local (Gallia): Rebel Roast, SAF Booth 20
Learn about this student-led program that involves obtaining and selling coffee to teachers and staff. Hear how students have created a partnership with a local business by using coffee from the company.
Morgan Saunders, teacher, (740) 256-1054

Goshen Local (Clermont): Teachers Academy, SAF Booth 34
Hear how the Teachers Academy promotes the education profession with high school students by teaching them the foundations of education and embedding them at elementary and middle schools in the district.
Mark Edwards, director of college and career readiness, (513) 722-2227

Graham Local (Champaign): Build Understanding in Flight, SAF Booth 100
Discover how a high school, career center and local airport partner together to provide students an opportunity to learn the principles of flight, meteorology and pilot training.
Ryan Rismiller, principal, (937) 663-4127

Hardin Northern Local (Hardin): The Amazing History Race, SAF Booth 62
Learn about the Defining Moments in History course project in which students designed a competitive interactive program for grades seven-12 that pitted student groups against each other to learn about famous Mysteries in History while completing a schoolwide scavenger hunt.
Joe Foster, teacher, (419) 957-2355

Highland Local (Morrow): Bus of the Month, SAF Booth 4
Hear about an Elementary School Bus of the Month program that allows bus drivers to rate student behavior on the ride to and from school, reinforcing positive behavior. The bus with the most thumbs up at the end of the month earns a breakfast with the driver at the bus garage.
Amy Randolph, special education coordinator, (419) 768-4090

Hillsdale Local (Ashland): Junior Council, SAF Booth 21
Discover the connections that the Jeromesville Village Council, Mayor Randy Spade and the district have created through a Junior Council of students. The council works to make improvements for all community members while learning about the importance of being active in government.
Randy Spade, Jeromesville mayor, (567) 203-7858

Indian Hill EV: Competition Robotics Club, SAF Booth 83
Learn about this PTO-sponsored competitive Robotics Club that is fully funded by a unique partnership of volunteers and parents. This high school club extends computer science, coding and learning beyond the typical school day.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (614) 542-9606

Indian Hill EV: I-lab Innovation Space, SAF Booth 84
Witness how teachers and technology coaches collaborate with others to provide a unique innovation learning center which allows elementary school students to explore and extend their learning.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (614) 542-9606

Indian Lake Local (Logan): Middle School Kindness Club, SAF Booth 77
Learn easy ways to improve student morale through this piloted Kindness Club that was formed to help stop bullying. See how students in grades five-eight decorated doors and lockers, produced videos and led Kindness Week activities.
Melissa Mefford, middle school co-principal (937) 686-8833

Kettering City: Bridging the Empathy Gap with Books, SAF Booth 92
Discover how students learn empathy for others across different generations, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities by reading the same book and discussing the social-emotional issues and plot using Flipgrid, postcards, Skype and more.
Karen Kronour, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 631-1723

Kettering City: Patent Pending, SAF Booth 93
Student innovators who have competed in local, state and national competitions share their new ideas and invention process. See the steps needed to get from identifying a problem to patent pending.
Casey McBride, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 241-7732

Kings Local (Warren): Round Table XL — STEAM, SAF Booth 35
Learn about Round Table XL for fifth- and sixth-grade STEAM students. Hear about a multidisciplinary program that teaches students to problem-solve, collaborate and explore a variety of STEAM activities.
Kelly McKiernan, media specialist, (513) 398-8050

Lakota Local (Butler): Canoe Regatta — Just Add Water, SAF Booth 75
Learn how Introduction to Engineering Design students use cardboard, duct tape and their imaginations to construct life-size canoes and race in an annual regatta.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations, (513) 644-1177

Lakota Local (Butler): Liberty Junior Media Design and Communication, SAF Booth 74
Using project-based learning and International Society for Technology Education standards to foster college and career readiness, junior high students produce podcasts, videos and websites to create change in their community and the world through media.
Moriah Walker, media design teacher, (513) 375-0975

Lakota Local (Butler): Silent Collaboration through Technology, SAF Booth 76
Discover how American Sign Language classes use technology to communicate across the district, giving students additional experience signing outside the classroom.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations, (513) 644-1177

Lakota Local (Butler): Student Voice Guiding Innovative Space, SAF Booth 48
From flexible classrooms to innovation hubs, students share how their voices are leading to big changes in innovative learning spaces.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations, (513) 644-1177

Lakota Local (Butler): Supporting Veterans Through Honor Flight, SAF Booth 73
Learn how students from two high schools join together to send off and welcome home veterans who participate in an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations, (513) 644-1177

Logan-Hocking Local (Hocking): Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), SAF Booth 22
With a focus on individual leadership skills and the community, learn how this high school FCCLA chapter implemented its biggest project of the year by establishing a new clothing pantry.
Erica Brown, family and consumer sciences teacher, (740) 818-8097

Logan-Hocking Local (Hocking):Middle School Family, Career and Community Leadership (FCCLA) Program, SAF Booth 98
Eighth-graders in the FCCLA program share their leadership experience in this student-led national organization that promotes family, career and community leadership.
Sharon Shaw, family and consumer science teacher and FCCLA middle school adviser, (740) 385-8764

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): Elementary Banking Program, SAF Booth 36
Hear how students work with officials from a local credit union to gain an understanding of money, banking and goal setting.
Terry Armstrong, superintendent, (330) 824-2535

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): School Newsies, SAF Booth 37
Learn how a student-run newspaper provides a forum for students to write and report on the issues of the day and go “old school” as they distribute a printed periodical. Stop by the booth and grab your special OSBA edition.
Terry Armstrong, superintendent, (330) 824-2535

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Step it Up! It’s Time to Get Healthy!, SAF Booth 51
Explore the Exercise Science Career Tech Program in which students create training plans, conduct health assessments and learn about human body systems to promote healthy habits for staff and students.
Ann-Marie Boyce, exercise science teacher, (937) 237-4250

Mad River Local (Montgomery): The Medical Detectives, SAF Booth 50
Discover how the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Launch Medical Detectives program helps students explore the medical field through authentic learning experiences in the fifth and sixth grade. See how the program builds career awareness in the medical field.
Jennifer Brucken, PLTW Launch teacher, (937) 259-6635

Madison Local (Butler): Robotics, SAF Booth 5
Globally, VEX Robotics is the largest, fastest-growing middle school and high school robotics program. Learn how students build robots and compete nationally.
Brian Ruby, engineering teacher, (513) 420-4760

Mansfield City: Spanish Immersion School, SAF Booth 82
Discover how one district closed the achievement gap and led students to exemplary academic success while teaching in Spanish, the target language.
Gabriel Costa, principal, (419) 525-6321, ext. 5442

Mayfield City: Evolution of Personalization, SAF Booth 23
Hear about a personalized learning experience for all students that allows them to choose a learning modality that best meets their learning needs: traditional, self-paced or online. See how it has developed into a full-day, self-paced model.
Jeffrey Legan, high school principal, (440) 995-6809

Medina City: Wondrous Wednesdays, SAF Booth 38
See how elementary students, working in interest-based groups, are collaborating on inquiry-based projects with high school students at the career center. Students explore diverse topics of interest, such as medicine, video editing and animal care.
Tina Cassidy, director of instruction, (330) 636-3077

Mentor EV: The Peer Leadership Group, SAF Booth 94
Hear how peer leaders teach others using activities that promote positive school behavior outside the classroom.
Kristen Kirby, director of community relations,  (440) 796-9996

Mentor EV: Advanced Placement Capstone and Journal Publications, SAF Booth 95
Learn from students participating in a two-year program that includes student-led research and a final paper that may lead to publication in national research journals.
Jason Crowe, principal, (440) 974-5301

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Graphic Art and Design — Buffalo Campus, SAF Booth 53
Hear how graphic art students learn to be successful in creative industries like advertising and marketing by developing skills in graphic design, photography and digital printing.
Owen Williams, instructor, (740) 685-2516

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Restaurant and Food Services Operations, SAF Booth 52
Witness the result of students crafting amazing, fun foods while learning how to manage unique dining experiences at The 400 Restaurant. The on-campus restaurant offers staff and the community a great dining experience.
Jalena Laipply, instructor, (740) 454-0105

Morgan Local (Morgan): Career Tech in the Middle School, SAF Booth 63
Students share the tools they use, including software, drones, robotics and video production, in this middle school career-tech curriculum.
Dr. Jim Johnson, director of testing and educational technology, (740) 962-1122

Muskingum Valley ESC: Coffee Cart Fridays, SAF Booth 69
Hear about the implementation of Coffee Cart Fridays, facilitated by students with multiple disabilities. Learn about supplies, discover how the program was started and taste a sample of the product.
Kate Brenner, multiple disabilities program supervisor, (740) 452-4518

New Lebanon Local (Montgomery): Galaxy Days, SAF Booth 6
Hear how Galaxy Days, a four-part program throughout the school year, engages students in various STEM-related concepts.
Ronda Nisbet, math teacher, (937) 687-3508

New Lebanon Local (Montgomery): Peer Helper Programs (PHP), SAF Booth 7
Examine PHP, a violence and drug prevention program that includes high schoolers teaching lessons or spending individual time with elementary school and middle school students. Learn about each program, including objectives, outcomes and implementation tips.
Melissa Earich, peer helper adviser, (937) 687-1366

North Olmsted City: High School Art Program, SAF Booth 24
Discover how this student-centered program provides students with choice and a wide variety of courses that allow them to specialize and focus on the arts.
Melanie Reilly, art teacher and department chair, (440) 588-5800

North Olmsted City: Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) Leadership, SAF Booth 25
Explore WEB Leadership, in which a group of student leaders welcomes new students by providing an orientation and mentoring incoming students.
Bryan Busold, principal, (440) 588-5702

Northern Local (Perry): Sheridan High School Computer Design, SAF Booth 39
Students discuss 3-D printing projects and share how they plan, design and execute design challenges presented in class. See sample projects for you to manipulate.
Teresa Hill, teacher, (740) 743-1335

Northmont City: Modeling and Simulation, SAF Booth 54
Explore a STEM class that exposes students to skills used by professionals in the modeling and simulation profession. Students share their capstone projects in which they used knowledge gained throughout the year to create a school evacuation simulation.
Aaron Brumbaugh, teacher, (937) 832-6000

Northridge Local (Montgomery): Manufacturing Program, SAF Booth 8
Discover how a partnership with the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine and Furniture Workers; the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations; a division of the Communication Workers of America; and the Dayton Phoenix Group helps students earn an industry credential and begin a manufacturing pre-apprenticeship to gain real-world experience while in high school.
Tyler Long, attendance/career readiness coordinator, (937) 286-4571

Norwalk City: Teen Leadership Corps, SAF Booth 26
Explore ways to empower future leaders by bringing character, integrity and citizenship to high school students through an academic service-based leadership program.
Megan Casselberry, advancement director, (419) 681-0746

Olentangy Local (Delaware): Olentangy Academy — Academy for Community Transition, SAF Booth 41
Learn about this community-based job skills training program for postsecondary students with special needs. Hear about their student business, Special Tee Pet Toys, where they sell pet toys they make from recycled T-shirts.
Dawn Imbrogno, intervention specialist, (614) 893-6628

Olentangy Local (Delaware): Olentangy Academy — STEM, SAF Booth 40
Witness the results of critical thinking, collaboration and creativity through hands-on learning activities relevant to local and global issues. Discover an integrated transdisciplinary approach in which students learn how to be innovative and think like an engineer, solve real-world problems, conduct relevant research and work with professionals in a variety of STEM fields.
Karen Sedoti, principal, (740) 657-5801

Oregon City: Aevidum Club Red Carpet of Kindness, SAF Booth 10
Experience the Red Carpet of Kindness, an interactive activity that promotes random acts of kindness.
Brandi Birr, counselor, (419) 697-3434

Oregon City: Sun Federal Student-Led Credit Union, SAF Booth 9
Partnering with Sun Federal Credit Union, this student-led credit union is hosted in the high school. Hear how six students serve the financial needs of their peers and staff.
Vallie Robeson, marketing teacher, (419) 693-0665

Painesville City Local (Lake): Future Business Leaders of America, SAF Booth 27
Explore the Future Business Leaders of America program, which helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development and educational programs.
Nell Rapport, teacher, (440) 392-5110

Parma City: Culinary Career and Technical Education, SAF Booth 87
Discover a culinary program that provides dual credits and ServSafe and ProStart certifications, and enjoy a tasty sample created by students.
Kristen Plageman, director of career and technical education, (440) 885-8317

Parma City: Visual Programming, SAF Booth 88
Learn more about this visual programming career-technical education program through hands-on activities. Gather information about the curriculum, dual college credits and Adobe certification.
Kristen Plageman, director of career and technical education, (440) 885-8317

Pioneer Career & Technology Center: Precision Machining Technologies Jr./Sr. Labs, SAF Booth 42
Learn about an engineering design program that produces successful results. Connect with students, and discover how they learn the skills needed to take the next step into the engineering and design workforce.
Clay Frye, supervisor (419) 347-7744, ext. 422

Plain Local (Stark): One Book One Community, SAF Booth 55
Learn about vocabulary parades, family literacy activities and more as Barr Elementary School immerses in the book “Fenway and Hattie” through the One Book One Community program.
Trisha Williams, principal, (330) 491-3730

Plain Local (Stark): What If 101, a TomTod Partnership, SAF Booth 56
See students partnering with the community in a brainstorming lab. TomTod partners nurture the ideas of middle school students creating solutions in their community. The What If partnership encourages empathy and launches their ideas into action.
Jeanne McNeal, principal, (330) 491-3790

Polaris Career Center: Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS), SAF Booth 70
Learn more about the GEMS program, designed to get girls interested in engineering, math and science.
Stacey Wisniewski, adviser, (440) 427-6200

Reynoldsburg City: Robotics, SAF Booth 12
Explore how students, mentors and grants from the high school 4085 Robotics Team helped expand opportunities to elementary and middle schools districtwide.
Thomie Timmons, innovation coordinator, (614) 565-2277

Reynoldsburg City: Slow Food Urban Farm Project, SAF Booth 11
See how this project focuses on teaching the community to strive toward a sustainable food system. Students explain how they make the best choices for their local economy and careers using their power as consumers.
Trevor Horn, agricultural innovation coordinator, (407) 433-5755

Riverside Local (Lake): Students Initiative for Developing Excellence (SIDE): Student Led Mentoring, SAF Booth 90
Hear how students in grades 11 and 12 build leadership skills through weekly student-designed mentoring opportunities with eighth-graders while creating practical solutions to community problems.
Jaime McIntyre, English, communications and leadership instructor and adviser, (440) 479-8961

Sandy Valley Local (Stark): Safety Patrol, SAF Booth 28
See how a team of intermediate elementary students develops leadership skills while providing a safe, secure environment for over 600 K-six students.
Dr. Patty Ann Main, curriculum director, (330) 866-3339

Sandy Valley Local (Stark): Teen Leadership Corps, SAF Booth 29
Discover how students develop leadership skills by helping others. Projects include community service programs and serving as mentors and tutors to elementary school students.
Dr. Patty Ann Main, curriculum director, (330) 866-3339

Springboro Community City: Eighth-Grade Erosion Project, SAF Booth 44
In cooperation with the city of Springboro and Heatherwoode Golf Club, students demonstrate the effects of erosion through hands-on activities in a real-world project that helps the city make decisions about soil care at the public golf course.
Beth Holtrey, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 748-3953

Springboro Community City: Project Lead The Way — Biomedical Sciences, SAF Booth 43
This program focuses on tackling big challenges to make the world a better place. Learn how a Warren County Career Center satellite program gives students the opportunity to discover new cancer treatments and teach healthy lifestyle choices to the community.
Rebecca Goodwin, instructor, (937) 748-3950

Springfield Local (Lucas): 97.7 FM Blue Devil Radio, SAF Booth 14
Operating a radio station, students learn about broadcast journalism, from the golden oldies to public service announcements and community highlights.
Mark Davidson, journalism teacher, (419) 867-5633, ext. 3259

Springfield Local (Lucas): Clean Energy Systems/Applications, SAF Booth 13
In this new endeavor with the Southern Regional Education Board, students solve problems with science and explore a pathway to advanced careers via clean energy systems and applications.
Austin Baker, clean energy teacher, (419) 867-5633, ext. 3224

Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center: Dental Assisting, SAF Booth 30
Hear how students in the Dental Assisting Program have chosen career-tech to jump-start their futures. Ask participating students questions and explore hands-on activities.
Lori Ritzenthaler, dental assisting instructor, (937) 325-7368

Sycamore Community City: Aviation Station Mobile Classroom, SAF Booth 91
A decommissioned school bus is now a fully renovated mobile classroom where high- and low-tech STEAM activities teach students in grades K-six. Discover how this student-designed mobile classroom provides WiFi and teacher-guided homework assistance in low-income neighborhoods.
Karen Naber, assistant superintendenT, (513) 686-1700

Tallmadge City: Builders Club, SAF Booth 45
Learn how this middle school program, sponsored by the Kiwanis, is building leaders by providing opportunities to the community and school.
Chad Nash, teacher, (330) 714-1228

Teays Valley Local (Pickaway): Scioto Café, SAF Booth 79
Discover how a coffee cart is used to foster communication and functional academic skills in an authentic way for students with disabilities.
Jaymi Brumfield, special education administrator, (740) 983-5052

Toledo City: Aerospace and Natural Science Academy of Toledo (ANSAT), SAF Booth 58
Learn how this comprehensive project-based, cross-curricular program for grades nine-12 focuses on high-demand industries, including aviation, aeronautics, small animal management, urban agriculture and environmental sustainability.
Amy Daunhauer, senior director, ANSAT, (419) 671-1700

Toledo City:Blue Apron for Low-Income Families, SAFBooth 96
Hear how students answered the question “How can we use food and the school to serve our community’s food security issues?” Learn how they developed an app to help families in a one-mile radius that have food needs.
Jack Hunter, principal of Chase STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, medicine) Academy, (419) 671-6650

Toledo City: Students Making Achievements Right This Second (SMARTS), SAF Booth 57
Hear about SMARTS, a student-led, districtwide initiative designed to empower students to make positive changes in their schools and district.
Jennifer Lawless, senior director of college and career readiness, (419) 270-9496

Tri-County Career Center: Sports Medicine, SAF Booth 64
Participate in student-led health checks while learning about healthier ways of living.
Tim Luczkiw, instructor, (740) 753-3511

Trimble Local (Athens): Tomcat Engineers — Radio-Controlled Salvage Program, SAF Booth 71
This middle school club uses STEM skill sets to identify and correct issues with broken drones. Students explain how they fix and maintain a small fleet of drones using computer-assisted design programs, 3-D printers and salvaged parts with ingenuity, design and teamwork.
Justin Morgenstern, teacher, (740) 767-2810

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Digital Memories, SAF Booth 15
Creating digital memory projects with Google Slides, students use videos, pictures, slide transitions and music to capture their amazing memories.
Amanda Beneke, fifth-grade teacher, (937) 839-4315

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Marble Track, SAF Booth 16
Students are challenged to use their knowledge of force and motion to build a cardboard track for marbles. Learn how groups compete to create a track that has the slowest moving marble in a limited amount of space.
Amy Mary, fifth-grade teacher, (937) 839-4315

Upper Valley Career Center: Apprenticeship in Action, SAF Booth 31
Students and staff explain eligibility requirements, share student successes and provide an employer testimonial of this Apprenticeship Ohio-approved program.
Dr. Nancy D. Luce, superintendent, (937) 381-1465

Valley View Local (Montgomery): STEM Pre-engineering for Grades Seven-Eight, SAF Booth 97
Learn how students are introduced to the engineering design process and instructed in cooperative learning. Hear how teams solve STEM design challenges by collecting and correlating data.
Jill Weaver, STEM teacher (937) 674-8400

Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers: AIM Mobile Career Tech Lab, SAF Booth 59
See how students in grades K-five are introduced to in-demand jobs through interactive resources, which provide students a foundation for a wide range of careers.
Gregory A. Edinger, superintendent, (419) 332-2626, ext. 1001

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fifth-Grade Guided Reading Project, SAF Booth 65
After reading, “An Elephant in the Garden,” fifth-graders in the guided-reading program constructed papier-maché elephant heads.
Deb Johns, instructor, (419) 568-9100

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fourth-Grade Guided Reading Project, SAF Booth 66
After reading “An Elephant in the Garden,” students created miniature, full-body elephants out of papier-maché.
Deb Johns, instructor, (419) 568-9100

West Clermont Local (Clermont): Green Screens Are Out of This World, SAF Booth 18
Learn how students use green-screen apps to tell stories, explain ideas and express themselves in truly creative and unique ways, making out-of-this-world pictures.
Tanny McGregor, teacher on special assignment, (513) 939-5614

West Clermont Local (Clermont): Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) — Our Way to Weave Relationships, SAF Booth 17
Meet a unique group of eighth-graders, aka WEB leaders, that help transform school culture and unite students and staff through a yearlong mentoring program. Discover how they engage with incoming sixth-graders at one of the largest middle schools in Ohio.
Tanny McGregor, teacher on special assignment, (513) 939-5614

Xenia Community City: Chemistry Club, SAF Booth 86
Discover how this club gets students excited about science. Learn how 150 chemistry students teach and present 18 hands-on science experiments to nearly 2,000 elementary students by writing and producing a chemistry demonstration show for elementary school assemblies.
Bill Richey, high school science teacher, (937) 372-6983, ext. 9995

Xenia Community City: Hope Mentor Program, SAF Booth 85
Learn about a comprehensive school counseling program that supports all students by changing the school culture. By focusing on prevention and working with students, families, teachers and staff to build positive relationships, the program has reduced discipline problems. Discover how the program improved attitudes toward risky behaviors, social-emotional competency, educational success and attendance.
Erin O’Brien, guidance counselor, (937) 372-9201, ext. 2198

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