Tips on making your housing reservation.

Tips for making your housing reservations

  1. Book only the rooms you need. In the past, treasurers have made reservations for the majority of the board and then canceled extra rooms just before the conference. OSBA has contracted with area hotels to fill a certain number of rooms and could have to reimburse hotels if the rooms remain empty due to late cancellations or booking outside the OSBA room block. If you have to cancel rooms, it will cost your district $100 per room.
  2. All hotels require a credit card to guarantee your reservation. The credit card used to guarantee won’t be charged and you can choose at a later date to pay by cash, check or another credit card.
  3. Rooms need to be reserved by Oct. 18! After Oct. 18, group rates are not guaranteed. If you need to make a hotel reservation after Nov. 6, call the hotel to check for availability and room rate.
  4. All hotel options are available to all registrants based on hotel availability.
  5. Watch for an acknowledgement email after each reservation booking, modification and/or change. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement email, check to see if it was blocked by your district’s spam filter.
  6. Attend a free webinar on Aug. 23, at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m., to learn more about the housing process. Go step-by-step through the process with an OSBA staff member who can answer your questions on the process. Can’t attend? The webinars will be recorded and available the following week.

Check out the housing FAQ page for more information.

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