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AI writing generators — the good, the bad and the ugly
9:00 AM | Monday, Nov 13 | Room: A 210-212
Review the issues related to using artificial intelligence (AI) writing generators in K-12 schools. The conversation explores the benefits and drawbacks of these technologies, highlighting the ethical and practical considerations in education.
Topics: Critical and current issues, Instruction, Technology
Moderator: , ,
Robert McBride, attorney, Ennis Britton Co. LPA
Matthew Young, assistant superintendent, Cuyahoga Heights Local (Cuyahoga)
George Burich, director of student services, Cuyahoga Heights Local (Cuyahoga)
Scott DeTray, principal, Cuyahoga Heights Local (Cuyahoga)
Robert Moore, director of IT, Cuyahoga Heights Local (Cuyahoga)
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