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Future forward Ohio — prioritizing the needs
of Ohio’s students
1:00 PM | Monday, Nov 14 | Room: A 213-215
ODE shares updates on Ohio’s education reform efforts. Hear how ODE and school districts can work collaboratively to enhance education in Ohio and improve services to help districts and students succeed.
Topics: Administration, Board governance, Instruction
Moderator: , ,
Stephanie Siddens, interim superintendent of public instruction, ODE
Chris Woolard, chief program officer, ODE
Melissa Weber-Mayrer, director, Office of Approaches to Teaching and Professional Learning, ODE
Jana Fornario, executive director, ARP ESSER State Activities Office, ODE
Casandra Palsgrove, director, Office of Graduate Success, ODE
Jennifer Vargo, director, Office of Whole Child Supports, ODE
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