OSBA Black Caucus events

Below are OSBA Black Caucus events taking place during the Capital Conference. Click here to find out more about the caucus.

OSBA Black Caucus Breakfast
8:30 a.am – 10 a.m.; B 240-245
This free event is an opportunity to network with fellow board members and discuss issues impacting African-American students and board members. Open to all attendees.
Sponsor: OSBA Insurance Agency

OSBA Black Caucus meeting
10 a.m. – noon; B 233-235
The Meeting of the minds: working to make education work for striving students.
A discussion on issues impacting minority students, such as poverty, achievement gap, college/work readiness, home life, equity, and discipline. Maple Heights City and Sandusky City will discuss their efforts to assist students in overcoming these and other issues. A meeting of the OSBA Black Caucus will take place after the presentation. Hear how the caucus supports initiatives enhancing the academic achievement of ethnically diverse students, such as the Leo Lucas Scholarship.
Speakers: Dr. Charles Keenan, superintendent, and Maria Rodger, teacher, Maple Heights City; Annette M. Blackwell, mayor, Maple Heights; Dr. Eugene Sanders, superintendent, Sandusky City; and Rep. Catherine Ingram

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