The following districts are participating in the 2018 Capital Conference Student Achievement Fair.

Adams County Ohio Valley Local (Adams): Building Career-Tech Community Bonds, SAF Booth 60
Students in the Ag Mechanics and Industrial Power program complete projects and internships with community members using career-technical education skills. Hear how these mutually beneficial projects develop relationships and build bonds with the community.
Brad White, instructor, (937) 544-2336

Adams County Ohio Valley Local (Adams): Career Tech eSports Team, SAF Booth 59
The Information Systems Technology program at Ohio Valley Career & Technical Center has started the school’s first eSports Team. Learn how students compete at a national level and in the national finals.
Todd Mitchell, instructor, (937) 544-2336

Akron City: Litchfield Middle School IB Community Projects, SAF Booth 10
Students use their International Baccalaureate (IB) foundation to complete student-centered service learning projects. Hear how they engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection.
Sandra Cline, coordinator, (330) 761-2775

Akron City: Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition — A Collaborative Inquiry, SAF Booth 9
See how PYP students have taken responsibility for their learning by looking at a topic from multiple perspectives in a collaborative inquiry.
Jennifer Victor, coordinator, (330) 962-4882

Athens City: High School Architectural Drafting, SAF Booth 80
Students learn about the elements and principles of architectural design. Hear about effective project considerations such as solar orientation and energy, density and ecological planning.
Wayne Hanzel, teacher, (740) 797-4521

Barnesville EV: Wilson Fundations, SAF Booth 85
Students demonstrate how Wilson Fundations, a multi-sensory, structured language program, provides research-based materials and strategies essential to a comprehensive reading, spelling and handwriting program for elementary students.
Melissa McMillen, teacher, (740) 425-3639

Beavercreek City: Design Thinking Lab, SAF Booth 84
Design Lab students collaborate to solve real-world problems. Discover how they research issues, gather firsthand information from the users they are designing for, then create, test and implement products and services.
Erin O’Dell, teacher, (937) 429-7567

Bedford City: Makerspace, SAF Booth 16
Makerspace is a collaborative work space for making, learning and exploring using high-tech to no-tech tools. See how students use critical-thinking skills to explore their interests and create something out of nothing.
Kimberly D. Sterlekar, associate principal of academics, (440) 439-4609

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local (Greene): Future Chefs!, SAF Booth 99
While healthy eating can be a challenge for kids and parents, young students across the country are using their creativity and culinary skills to make healthy recipes. Meet our future chefs, and sample their culinary creations.
Betsy Chadd, director of curriculum and gifted services, (937) 848-5001, ext. 6115

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Pre-Engineering, SAF Booth 18
Discover how middle school students acquire knowledge and skills designed to challenge their imaginations. See how they test ideas using modeling, automation, robotics and computer systems.
Robin Caudill, teacher, (740) 756-9231

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Career Exploration, Connections and Work, SAF Booth 34
Students connect with community businesses to explore career interests and aspirations. Hear how this incredible opportunity helps prepare them for the real world.
Stephanie Dinsmore, media center specialist, (614) 837-0786

Brunswick City: BEAT Video Program, SAF Booth 89
The BEAT is a student-managed, self-funded backpack journalism program consisting of 50 students in grades six-12. Learn how they annually produce over 250 print and video news stories spotlighting the schools and community, many of which are published by northeast Ohio news media.
John Wasylko, adviser, (330) 321-7601

Buckeye Local (Medina): Busy Bee Gardeners, SAF Booth 19
Explore how students in grades two-six learn about environmental education through gardening clubs. The Busy Bees focus on greenhouse gardening during the school year and outside gardens in the summer.
Anita Barnhart, intervention specialist, (330) 722-8257, ext. 4331

Bucyrus City: Robotics and Code in Elementary School, SAF Booth 14
Third- to fifth-grade students have built several robots and coded them to perform specific tasks. Discover what young students can do with code and robots as they showcase their coding skills on Sphero and DASH/Dot robots.
Kevin D. Kimmel, superintendent, (419) 562-4045

Caldwell EV: Jaguar Land Rover 4×4 Team, SAF Booth 73
Students design, build and compete with robots throughout the U.S. and internationally. Learn about the program and how you can create a team in your district.
Jarvis Huck, teacher, (740) 732-5637

Cardington-Lincoln Local (Morrow): American Red Cross Pillowcase Project, SAF Booth 94
Third-grade students learn about disaster preparedness with volunteers from the American Red Cross and Gleaners Insurance. Hear how they decorated their own pillowcase to use during a disaster.
Dawn Ruehrmund, teacher, (419) 864-9361

Columbus City: Civic Education and Leadership Academy, SAF Booth 32
This program empowers high school youth leaders to create positive change in their schools and communities. Explore how they do this through an engaging, evidence-based civic education program.
Tina Pierce, executive director, (614) 600-2355

Columbus City: Flag Football Fridays, SAF Booth 33
On Flag Football Fridays, students are awarded extra points if they participate in the breakfast program during the week. Find out how this supports our goal of encouraging students to eat breakfast and be physically active.
Christopher Daniel, teacher, (614) 365-5354

Columbus City: Fort Hayes Visual Arts, SAF Booth 2
Learn how students gain knowledge and skills to succeed in creative careers, and discover the impact public art has on the school and local community.
Betty Hill, supervisor, (614) 365-6681, ext. 1404

Coshocton County Career Center: Criminal Justice, SAF Booth 12
Explore student demonstrations and visual displays, and learn about the program.
Craig Reveal, instructor, (740) 622-0211, ext. 1125

Coshocton County Career Center: Culinary Arts, SAF Booth 11
Watch junior and senior students engage attendees with culinary demonstrations, tasty samples and descriptions of the program.
Mike Cichon, instructor, (740) 622-0211, ext. 1120

Crestview Local (Richland): Future City Competition, SAF Booth 26
Future City is a project-based learning program where students create cities of the future. See building scale models and simulations, and learn how the project emphasizes research, writing and public-speaking skills for middle school students
Jennifer Blackledge, teacher, (419) 895-1700

Cuyahoga Falls City: The Leadership and Inclusion Connection, SAF Booth 48
This schoolwide inclusive course teaches leadership, mentorship and goal setting. Students describe the personal impact of this program.
Tracy Early, principal, (330) 926-3803

Cuyahoga Heights Local (Cuyahoga): Project Lead the Way — Gateway to Technology, SAF Booth 13
Watch middle school technology students demonstrate Vex robotics.
Brooke Dragon, instructor, (216) 429-5700

Dublin City: Emerald Campus, SAF Booth 77
Emerald Campus is a new career exploration facility that will house seven existing academy pathways such as engineering and biomedical research. Hear about these unique educational options, and learn about our new campus.
Kristy Venne, Emerald Campus director, (614) 760-4978

East Muskingum Local (Muskingum): Coding Club, SAF Booth 47
Discover how students in grades six-12 prepare for Advanced Placement computer science classes by learning computer programming. Hear how they learned the basics of the Python programming language and use platforms and sites such as, Scratch, Code Academy and CodeHS to work through modules.
Nathan Tharp, teacher, (740) 826-7655

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools: Dental Assisting, SAF Booth 75
Learn how students initiated outreach to local elementary schools to encourage good dental health. The career center dental assisting program had a 100% passage rate on the Commission on Ohio Dental Assistant exam.
Nicole Uhl, instructor, (614) 837-9443

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools: HVAC/R, SAF Booth 76
Students in the HVAC/R program learn service, maintenance and installation of HVAC/R systems. Hear about the program’s success, with 14 of 17 students being placed with local HVAC/R companies.
Patrick Tackett, instructor, (614) 837-9443

Fort Frye Local (Washington): Future Farmers of America (FFA), SAF Booth 62
Discover what FFA has to offer and how students with different backgrounds and learning styles can achieve, learn and grow. Fort Frye FFA has earned eight U.S. and 19 state degrees.
Lisa Lang, teacher and FFA adviser, (740) 896-2376

Franklin Local (Muskingum): Teaching Life Themes, SAF Booth 61
Duncan Falls Elementary School fifth-grade students learned how to persevere through some of life’s challenges. Learn about projects students worked on to overcome obstacles that incorporate Ohio’s learning standards.
Dustan Henderson, director of instruction, (740) 674-5211

Goshen Local (Clermont): Robotics Club & PLTW Engineering, SAF Booth 15
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) empowers students to step into the role of an engineer while developing team-building skills and a problem-solving mindset. See a student-designed and assembled VEX robot and discuss the design process.
Kevin Easley, instructor, (513) 722-2227

Goshen Local (Clermont): STEM Bike Club, SAF Booth 31
Students assembled a bike while learning the physics of motion and inertia. Hear how using the experimental design process to explore a topic they’re personally interested in increases student confidence in science and math and fosters local community and high school mentoring.
Michael Adams, assistant principal, (513) 722-2226

Graham Local (Champaign): CompTIA Certification, SAF Booth 4
Discover how high school students are involved in CompTIA certification and student help desk internship programs. Learn about the program and the support they receive from remote industry partners.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (937) 663-4123

Graham Local (Champaign): Falcon Farms, SAF Booth 3
Hear how this student-led sustainable farming project teaches precision agriculture, explores various career paths and promotes STEAM education across grades six-eight.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent, (937) 663-4123

Greenville City: Marketing Program — Design an Ad Project, SAF Booth 68
Hear how students use their marketing skills to sell and design ads for local businesses. Discover how they create ads that are displayed in The Daily Advocate newspaper.
Kristi Homan, instructor, (937) 564-5883

Greenville City: PBL — Supply Chain Management, SAF Booth 67
Through project-based learning (PBL), students developed a special event that spotlights the artistic talents of Special Olympians. Learn how they raised more than $28,000 over four years through A Night in Hollywood.
Dara Buchy, instructor and business department chair, (937) 564-8211

Hamilton Local (Franklin): Math Takes Flight, SAF Booth 63
With the thrust of a Martha Holden Jennings Foundation grant, students counter drag and weight to lift gliders with precision math and cutting-edge technology. Students explain how they use a Glowforge 3-D printer to enhance design alterations.
Jessica Wills, teacher, (740) 415-8879

Hardin-Houston Local (Shelby): Tech Wizards, SAF Booth 49
Discover how this program teaches students job skills and career training to prepare them for manufacturing jobs in the county. Students learn about hydraulics, electrical circuits and pneumatics and create projects to share.
Sara Roseberry, principal, (937) 295-3010

Hillsdale Local (Ashland): High School Book Club, SAF Booth 20
The book club promotes literacy in creative ways in our schools, community and county. Learn how to encourage others to read from a book club based on community service.
Scarlett Raines, library/media aide, (419) 368-8514

Hillsdale Local (Ashland): Soaring Acts of Kindness Program, SAF Booth 27
In a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind. Discover how the kindness program was established to promote random acts of kindness, encourage someone, save a life or light a positive flame.
Morgan Briggs, adviser, (419) 651-4519

Indian Valley Local (Tuscarawas): Elementary STEAM, SAF Booth 28
See how students apply science, technology, engineering, art principles and mathematics in a hands-on fashion.
Elizabeth James, teacher, (740) 498-8389

Jackson-Milton Local (Mahoning): Entrepreneurship, SAF Booth 72
Fishbowl Graphics is a student-run design and printing business that teaches students how to operate and manage a small business. Hear how students learn about hard work, discipline and persistence, which will help them succeed in almost any career.
Kirk Baker, superintendent, (330) 720-6796

Kettering City: Global Read Aloud, SAF Booth 55
Discover how students connect with other classes around the world by reading the same book at the same time. Students describe how they make connections and respond to the text. 
Karen Kronour, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 631-1723

Kettering City: Invention League, SAF Booth 54
Hear how student innovators seek out a problem, find a solution, design and build a prototype, test their idea and develop a marketing plan.
Karen Kronour, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 631-1723

Kings Local (Warren): I-Time, SAF Booth 36
Innovation Time (I-Time) is a fifth- and sixth-grade multidisciplinary program where students explore STEM activities. See students demonstrate activities using Makey Makey, Micro:bit, Ozobots, and Scratch.
Kelly McKiernan, media specialist and Makerspace coach, (513) 398-8050

LaBrae Local (Trumbull): RoboVikes, SAF Booth 6
Explore how students use Lego and Textrix equipment to problem solve, code and engineer solutions in this growing after-school robotics club.
Joe Slifka, teacher, (330) 898-0800, ext. 4249

Lakota Local (Butler): Prosthetic Hand Project, SAF Booth 7
Discover how fifth-grade students used 3-D printing technology to develop prosthetic hands for children in need.
Betsy Fuller, director, (513) 644-1177

Lakota Local (Butler): Through the Eyes of an Artist, SAF Booth 8
Enjoy this art display that shows the use of different mediums, and watch award-winning students demonstrate various techniques.
Betsy Fuller, director, (513) 644-1177

Lima City: Stardust — William A. Fowler Science Series, SAF Booth 38
Named after the Nobel Prize winner, this partnership between Ohio State University-Lima and Lima City Schools focuses on science with an art component. Hear about student projects, including a cancer documentary, stop-motion animation and solar system artwork.
Chad Fallis, principal, (419) 996-3192

Logan-Hocking Local (Hocking): Chieftain Chat Weekly Student TV and Radio Shows, SAF Booth 90
Discover how the Chieftain Chat was designed as a platform for the district to stay connected to its community by giving students a voice and partnering with local radio and TV stations, resulting in a hands-on learning opportunity.
Dani Bell, communications coordinator, (740) 385-8517, ext. 2727

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): Integrating Wellness and Business Math Through Smoothies, SAF Booth 93
High school students operate a smoothie business by focusing on business concepts and healthy choices. Learn how attention is placed on nutritious ingredients, making a profit and attractive marketing.
Randy Fee, teacher, (330) 824-2535

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): Lordstown Political History Club, SAF Booth 92
Discover how students engage in a wide variety of activities, including conducting candidate debates, working for candidates from both parties at the Iowa Caucuses and attending multiple presidential inaugurations.

Courtney Gibson, teacher/adviser, (330) 824-2535
Loveland City: Digital Microscopes Enhance Curiousity, SAF Booth 88
Hear how biology teachers are using digital microscopes in innovative instructional strategies to maximize student interest and learning.
Tonya Nkhata, teacher, (513) 683-1920

Loveland City: The Innovation Lab, SAF Booth 87
Learn how student innovators are supporting teachers and their peers through this student-led technology support team, while also pursuing their interests and passions in this middle and high school program.
Amanda Bimonte, teacher, (513) 683-1920

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Robots Everywhere!, SAF Booth 51
Experience how VEX and humanoid robotics are engaging students in 21st century learning opportunities. See how this program prepares students for Ohio’s future workforce needs.
Suzanne Wittmer, teacher , (937) 237-4265

Marion City: Gear Up, SAF Booth 91
The Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is dedicated to supporting early college preparation and awareness. Staff and students will share their experiences.
Becky Gilliam, school-community relations, (740) 360-2046

Medina City: Design Thinking in the Makerspace, SAF Booth 97
Students are learning how to problem solve creatively in the district’s new Makerspaces. Hear about these authentic and innovative projects, and how it’s impacting student learning in the classroom.
Tina Cassidy, director of curriculum and instruction, (330) 636-1804

Mentor EV: Post-Graduation Skills for Students with Special Needs, SAF Booth 71
Hear how students learn critical employment and independent living skills through community partnerships, including running a storefront and community donation Cardinal Closet for families in need.
Kristen Kirby, director of community relations (440) 796-9996

Mercer County ESC: Peace Chords Bell Choir, SAF Booth 35
Mercer County middle and high school students with disabilities participate in this choir using a variety of adaptive bells. See demonstrations and learn how to develop a similar program in your district.
Cathy Liening, teacher , (419) 586-6628

Miami Valley Career Technology Center: Internet of Things — Computer Coding, SAF Booth 46
See how students have integrated sensors with software applications and programmed devices to control the physical world around us.
Melissa Goodall, instructor, (937) 854-6605

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Practical Nursing, SAF Booth 100
This Zanesville campus program focuses on medical procedures and terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, phlebotomy and infection control. Hear how students provide quality patient care in local professional health care environments.
Cindy Price, instructor, (440) 454-0105

Muskingum Valley: Virtual Field Trip Around the World, SAF Booth ESC 74
Equipped with a passport, paper bag suitcase and growing imagination, discover how elementary students learn about new cultures and presentation skills through cross-curricular lessons.
Katie Devoll, intervention specialist (740) 982-7010

Noble Local (Noble): Culture Shook Culture Exchange Program, SAF Booth 45
Noble Local, Whitehall City and Worthington City high school students visited high schools in each district to learn about one another. Discover how this program helped students embrace differences and see how much they have in common.
Justin Denius, principal, (740) 732-2361

North Ridgeville City: Start with Hello Club, SAF Booth 98
Start with Hello Club members help form connections with students who may need help making friends. Learn about activities they’ve organized to improve school climate and engage others.
Jordan Andrews, guidance counselor, (440) 353-1180

Northridge Local (Montgomery): Student Volunteer Corps (SVC), SAF Booth 25
Learn about SVC, a group of select students in each grade level charged with helping to promote school safety, values and culture.
Ann Ewing, teacher, (937) 275-6833

Northwest Local (Hamilton): Co-Teaching to Support Life Skills, SAF Booth 66
Co-teaching integrates multitiered and differentiated culinary lessons to challenge and support students at all levels. Learn how this helps connect students in self-contained classrooms to core curriculum and real-world opportunities.
Leslie Silbernagel, curriculum supervisor, (513) 923-1000

Olentangy Local (Delaware): Olentangy Academy STEM Program, SAF Booth 51
Learn how this high school program helps students integrate STEM disciplines for a different approach to project-based learning. See student products from their Genius Hour.
Brooke Kelly, teacher (740) 657-5800

Parma City: Culinary Arts, SAF Booth 64
Students in the culinary program placed first in the Ohio ProStart Invitational and advanced to the national event. Hear about the innovative and trendy curriculum and basic foundations of culinary art.
Kristen Plageman, director of career & technical education, (440) 885-8317

Parma City: Welding, SAF Booth 65
Students learn the foundations of welding such as arc, MIG and TIG welds. Discover how students are using a plasma arc cutter and creating trendy, highly sought-after pieces of art.
Kristen Plageman, director of career & technical education, (440) 885-8317

Pioneer Career and Technology Center: Industrial Electricity / RAMTEC, SAF Booth 1
Hear about robotics and automation in the workplace and innovative ideas for the future.
Rob Flannery, instructor, (419) 347-7744

Plain Local (Stark): High School of Business Entrepreneurs, SAF Booth 22
Hear how students research and develop a product in this grassroots-level challenge. Students pitch their ideas to local business members, and the winning groups market and sell their products with the support of the United Way and Junior Achievement.
Amanda de Fays, teacher, (330) 491-3800

Plain Local (Stark): Social Justice + PBIS = Positive Change, SAF Booth 21
Learn how students and staff used social justice and positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) to transform the culture at GlenOak High School. Hear the highlights of this student-driven initiative.
Jerad Buck, academy principal, (330) 491-3800

Portsmouth City: Trojans Give Back Team, SAF Booth 86
Hear how fifth-grade teachers and students make a positive impact on the city of Portsmouth. Learn about the projects they were involved in during the 2017-18 school year.
Scott Dutey, superintendent, (740) 354-4727

River View Local (Coshocton): Senior Black Bear Projects, SAF Booth 29
Learn how high school seniors work with a mentor on a seven-month senior project to gain in-depth experience in almost any career field or hobby.
Chuck Rinkes, principal, (740) 824-3521

Sandy Valley Local (Stark): Social Justice Student Ambassadors, SAF Booth 5
Learn about this student group’s dedication to equality for all students. Hear how students increase social awareness and make changes in policies and procedures across the district to address student barriers in achievement and growth.
Dr. Patty Ann Main, curriculum director, (330) 866-3339

South Euclid Lyndhurst City: Exercise Science and Sports Rehab (ESSR), SAF Booth 43
Students actively learn key ESSR concepts and develop possible internships as part of a vocational school program with Excel Tecc. Explore basic ESSR skills.
Justin Murphy, instructor, (216) 691-2068

South Euclid Lyndhurst City: MAC — Mentoring. Achievement. Community., SAF Booth 44
MAC ambassadors promote character development and integrity; college and career readiness; 21st century skills; arts and culture; and community service. Hear how they facilitate schoolwide activities to model positive behaviors and encourage academic achievement.
Lamont Judge, security adviser, (216) 835-0806

Southwest Licking Local (Licking): Connection Club, SAF Booth 83
Students with disabilities are paired with typically developing peers to foster a learning environment that yields a sense of belonging. Hear how this club offers an inclusive school environment that promotes supportive relationships.
Kasey A. Perkins, assistant superintendent, (740) 964-3444

Springboro Community City: Bringing the Iditarod to Springboro, SAF Booth 53
Elementary students bring coding to life through creativity, technology and practice. Learn how students design sleds and a race modeled after the Iditarod dog race and program a robot to move through a series of mazes.
Traci Griffen, principal, (937) 748-6090

Springboro Community City/Warren County Career Center: PLTW Engineering Inspires Springboro, SAF Booth 52
Authentic learning and class collaboration focus on real-world robotics, structures and electronics. Students share how this high school program inspires them to pursue engineering careers.
Kyle Martin, principal, (937) 748-3950

Springfield Local (Lucas): K-five STEAM Night, SAF Booth 50
Students participated in a district showcase of innovative projects that focused on engineering design principles, including NASA challenges, art/music connections and community partnerships. Hear how this has had a positive impact on expanding STEAM initiatives.
Taryn Miley, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment (K-grade five), (419) 867-5742

Talawanda City: STEM Is A Game Changer, SAF Booth 78
Learn how STEM instruction can be the springboard for increasing student engagement, problem-solving and perseverance in the three-to-five classroom and beyond.
Sarah Roche, STEM instructor, (513) 273-3111

Tallmadge City: Builders Club, SAF Booth 79
Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, this program builds leaders by providing service opportunities for the school and community. Hear about this successful middle school program.
Chad Nash, teacher and club adviser, (330) 714-1228

Tri-County Career Center: Culinary Arts, SAF Booth 42
Students demonstrate food preparation techniques. Learn how this award-winning program provides real-world workforce skills.
Katie McGushin, chef of culinary arts, (740) 753-3511

Trotwood-Madison City: Building a Positive Climate for Students, SAF Booth 96
Hear about incentives, expectations and systems for earning rewards through our Positive Behavior Support Program. Students share data on improvements in attendance, behavior and academic growth.
Tamara Rizzo-Sterner, principal, (937) 854-4456

Trotwood-Madison City: Creating a Culture of Care, SAF Booth 95
Hear how Westbrooke Village Elementary School was able to decrease its out-of-school suspensions by 50% by implementing restorative practices.
Ralph Davis, coordinator, (937) 854-3050

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Fun Fun Fractions, SAF Booth 40
Students completed hands-on projects using folders to represent fractions. Learn how each student made it original by completing it their own way through this engaging and exciting approach.
Amanda Beneke, teacher, (937) 839-4315

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Matchbook Summaries, SAF Booth 41
Students show off their mastery of summarizing and finding themes using a good book and a folder. Learn how art, design and a love of literature are evident through the final pieces of their novel study projects.
Kate Downs, teacher, (937) 839-4315

Upper Valley Career Center: The Yellowstone Experience, SAF Booth 56
Environmental Occupation Program students discuss the impact of their trip to Yellowstone National Park on their career training. See demonstrations of the skills they learned in the program that prepare them for the workforce.
Nancy Luce, superintendent, (937) 381-1465

Warrensville Heights City: Foot Orthosis, SAF Booth 23
Students are introduced to the process and skills needed to design foot orthosis using common measurement systems for communication and fabricating designs. Learn about conversions through two measurements systems, thumbnails, perspectives and other tools.
Randy Tucker, teacher, (216) 336-6615

Washington Local (Lucas): Engineering Design Project, SAF Booth 69
Engineering students describe how research, data and problem-solving skills help them develop solutions to solve a problem and build a product. Past projects include a modified fidget spinner, a paint ball hopper and an app to lock and prevent phone usage while driving.
Debra Heban, career and technology education director, (419) 473-8335

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fifth-Grade Guided Reading Project, SAF Booth 24
See the spider web designs and character representations that fifth-grade students made out of string art during their study of the book, “Charlotte’s Web.”
Deb Johns, instructor, (419) 568-9100, ext. 1048

Weathersfield Local (Trumbull): Mineral Ridge High School History Club, SAF Booth 70
Discover how this club embraces history in many different ways and was named one of the top 10 history clubs in the nation for five years.
Tim Porter, teacher (330) 652-1451

West Clermont Local (Clermont): Digital Sketchnoting, SAF Booth 57
Digital Sketchnotes merge images and text with technology tools to design creative visual models. Learn how this boosts engagement, enhances memory and deepens comprehension.
Barb Kenney, technology specialist, (859) 653-2209

West Clermont Local (Clermont): Using Drones in Marketing and Law Enforcement, SAF Booth 58
The use of drone footage for marketing, law enforcement and video production is on the rise, creating an opportunity for students to move into these careers. Discover how students gain the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to create a documentary or marketing video with drone footage.
Jared Nissen, teacher , (513) 947-7400

Western Brown Local (Brown): Working to Empower Students Together, SAF Booth 39
Hear how equine-assisted psychotherapy is used to help students with behavioral issues achieve success through four growth needs: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.
Jenny Bohrer, special education director, (937) 444-2044

Whitehall City: Shake Up! Earthquake Resistant Project, SAF Booth 37
Discover how students used the engineering design process to construct an earthquake-resistant structure that can withstand a simulated earthquake shake table.
Adrianna Cole, teacher, (614) 417-5200, ext. 2822

Willard City: Willard High School Honors Those Who Served, SAF Booth 17
See how this Veterans Day program allowed students to make connections with real-life heroes. The program was extremely meaningful for students and 170 veterans.
Courtney Carnahan, teacher, (567) 227-0271

Xenia Community City: Expressive Arts I, SAF Booth 82
Hear how students participate in art and writing activities designed for self-expression. These students mentor and help facilitate similar art activities in Expressive Arts II with students who have multiple disabilities.
Dr. Sabrina Woodruff, director of instructional services, (937) 562-9012

Xenia Community City: Sensory Integration and Disability Awareness Service Project, SAF Booth 81
To increase disability awareness and help them practice self-advocacy, students with disabilities completed a research project and made information posters and an interactive display for their peers. Learn about this student-led initiative and how a schoolwide multi-sensory room benefits all students.
Dr. Sabrina Woodruff, director of instructional services, (937) 562-9012

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