The following districts are participating in the 2017 Capital Conference Student Achievement Fair.

Akron City: 1:World with an International Launch, Booth 90
Students and staff explain what it takes to launch a true 1:world technology initiative. Hear voices from across the world describe the difference access makes in students’ educational lives.
Megan Mannion, learning specialist (330) 761-3045

Akron City: College and Career Academies of Akron, Booth 89
Student ambassadors, academy coaches and lead teachers share an overview of college and career academies. Discover each participant’s unique perspective on the transformation at North High School.
Rachel Tecca, director of college and career academies (330) 761-2779

Akron City: Project Soap Box and Akron Early College, Booth 93
Students explain how they use research and evidence on issues that affect them and their communities to participate in public speaking competitions. Hear how the program impacts their lives and learning.
Adam Motter, learning specialist (330) 761-3034

Athens City: Industrial Technology, Booth 62
See how students design, build, market and sell wood products. Learn about manufacturing and production processes currently used in the industrial technology field.
Wayne Hanzel, teacher (740) 797-4521

Athens City: Number Talks, Booth 63
Students use “number talks” to make math a fun and rewarding experience. Hear how reasoning and critical-thinking skills increase confidence as well as academic achievement.
Nina Sudnick, teacher (740) 593-6866

Barnesville EV: Business and Finance Education, Booth 64
Learn how this program uses high school, career-technology and college courses to instruct students in business, marketing, and financial and managerial accounting.
Leslie Skinner, teacher (740) 238-3748

Batavia Local (Clermont): STEM Club, Booth 84
Learn about the district’s STEM Club that is focused on robotics and 3-D printers. See the robot and 3-D printed objects the club created and discover how the program was funded and what students are getting out of it.
Thomas Smith, teacher (937) 618-2064

Beavercreek City: Lego League — Darth Foxes, Booth 48
See how the Lego League designs, builds and programs a robot using Lego Mindstorms technology and competes on a tabletop playing field.
Keith Slinker, program director (608) 213-8793

Bedford City: Friends 4 Friends Campaign, Booth 94
Using social media platforms, students have a voice to stand up and speak out against risky behaviors that adversely affect youth. Hear how this youth-led initiative promotes collaboration among schools and communities, creating a positive culture.
Stephanie Moisio, teacher       (216) 406-2242

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local (Greene): Being a Writer, Booth 73
Hear how this program uses the art of story writing to develop and enhance all aspects of language arts at the primary level.
Kyle Phelps, teacher   (937) 848-5001, ext. 5117

Belpre City: High School Pottery Program, Booth 18
Learn how to start a successful pottery program on a tight budget. Students demonstrate resourceful studio techniques and discuss student-run pottery sales.
Chad Stevens, teacher (304) 481-8767

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Intro to Programming — Robotics, Booth 29
Hear how the robotics class at Bloom-Carroll Middle School introduces computer programming to seventh- and eighth-grade students. Learn how they have an opportunity to compete in the First Lego League Robotics Competition.
Robin Caudill, teacher (740) 756-9231

Bloom-Carroll Local (Fairfield): Next Step in Career Exploration, Booth 30
Learn how Bloom-Carroll Local is taking students to the careers. Nothing compares to real-world experiences where students are on the job and truly exploring careers.
Stephanie Dinsmore, media center specialist (614) 837-0786

Butler Tech: Project LIFE, Booth 82
Discover a nationally recognized learning program for special needs students that incorporates classroom activities, independent living skills and community work sites to lead students on a path to success.
Reena Fish, supervisor (513) 645-8278

Caldwell EV: Jaguar Land Rover 4X4 Team, Booth 99
Caldwell 4×4 students have won a trip to the Jaguar Land Rover 4×4 competition in Abu Dhabi in December. See their projects and learn how to start a program in your district.
Jarvis Huck, teacher  (740) 732-5634

Champion Local (Trumbull): Champion Eighth-Grade Invention Convention, Booth 11
Discover what students create at their Invention Convention and hear how they promote entrepreneurship, marketing skills, STEM, networking and business practices to others.
Heather Campbell, middle school principal (330) 847-2349

Coshocton County Career Center: Criminal Justice, Booth 24
Hear how students use skills such as interviewing, interrogation and crime scene investigation to showcase hands-on forensic science activities using local, state and federal laws.
Craig Reveal, instructor (740) 622-0211, ext. 1125

Coshocton County Career Center: Culinary Arts Booth 23
See the skills students learn in this program and try samples of their creations.
Mike Cichon, instructor (740) 610-7782

East Cleveland City: STEM Innovation, Booth 51
Seventh- and eighth-grade students explain STEM concepts they learned at the fully integrated STEM Lab at Heritage Middle School. Students demonstrate how they created a big ball roller coaster and solar cars.
Lillie King, STEM lab facilitator (216) 268-6610

East Cleveland City: The LINKS Program, Booth 52
The LINKS organization sponsors an initiative that teaches young ladies to analyze, evaluate and make dynamic lifestyle choices. Hear how students are empowered by creating and participating in enriching activities.
Miriam Livingston, dean of students (216) 268-6640

East Guernsey Local (Guernsey): Leave No Stone Unturned, Booth 69
Students with disabilities that previously were not included in public schools are given the opportunity to participate in life experiences. Learn about this program and how it is implemented.
Ashley Daugherty, behavior analyst (740) 489-5005

East Muskingum Local (Muskingum): Shark Tank, Booth 26
Based on the award-winning TV show, students attempt to secure business deals to help them sell products or services. Hear their success stories.
Amy Wolford, teacher (740) 826-7655

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools: Culinary Arts, Booth 12
Watch award-winning students demonstrate the techniques and processes they use every day to create delicious and visually pleasing fare. Samples will be available.
Drew Borenstein, instructor (614) 836-5725

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools: Graphic Design, Booth 95
Students demonstrate multiple ways to promote an idea — visually, electronically and orally — through their award-winning bulletin board.
Brent Garee, director  (614) 836-5725

Elida Local (Allen): Grit9, Booth 35
Grit9 is a student-run business that provides web design and videotape conversion services at Elida High School. Learn how to obtain funding and start a similar program.
Mark Suter, teacher (419) 331-4115

Fairport Harbor EV: Hooked on Education, Booth 65
This personalized, student-centered learning project focuses on researching, designing, manufacturing and selling fishing lures. Hear how inquiry and higher-order thinking applies to this effort.
Jerry Hites, teacher (440) 354-3592

Forest Hills Local (Hamilton): Link Crew, Booth 92
Anderson High School Link Crew is a mentorship program for incoming freshmen. Hear how teachers and student leaders have taken this leadership program to the next level.
Stacey Bailey, teacher (513) 252-4997

Franklin City: Building Versus Building Battleship, Booth 20
Discover how students use school telephones and Google Slides to play Battleship by creating an interactive review of coordinate grids.
Becky Garrett, teacher (937) 743-8650

Franklin Local (Muskingum): Industrial Technology, Booth 34
Students show how a robot is used in competition using a Vex Robotics program.
Kevin Neal, teacher (740) 674-4355

Goshen Local (Clermont): Gateway Technology, Booth 10
Using our Gateway Technology, students engage in the engineering process to find solutions to real-world issues. Hear about some of their successful outcomes.
Matt Emerine, teacher (513) 722-2226

Graham Local (Champaign): Career Gears @GHS, Booth 1
Graham High School (GHS) students partnered with local businesses to earn Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certifications. Find out how students team with adults for training and mentoring on career pathways.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent (937) 663-4123

Graham Local (Champaign): Outdoor Education at Graham Elementary, Booth 2
Learn how students are using STEAM concepts to solve problem-based learning challenges in outdoor classroom settings.
Kirk Koennecke, superintendent (937) 663-4123

Greene County Career Center: Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Booth 97
In a partnership with Beavercreek City’s Jacob Coy Middle School, PLTW instruction centers on flight and space; app design and development; and automation and robotics. Students display their latest projects
Lea Blair, teacher (937) 429-7567

Greenville City: Careers with Children, Booth 31
This program prepares students for careers that involve working with children by engaging in community service projects. Hear about this year’s backpack program.
Amy Schoen, instructor (937) 548-4188

Greenville City: CIS Tech Crew, Booth 32
In just a few short months, a group of junior computer information students (CIS) with no prior experience learned to provide tech support for an entire school district. Hear about the process of becoming instructors for software and hardware changes on the districts’s network.
Nathan Sharp, teacher (937) 548-4188

Hillsdale Local (Ashland): Nature Project, Booth 71
Students increase awareness and learn about the varieties of living and nonliving things in ecosystems. See how they design a science project using only what is found in nature.
Tiki Peterson, teacher (419) 368-4911

Huber Heights City: Project Lead the Way Engineering, Booth 61
Discover how engineering students apply their knowledge and skills to solve an identified technical problem.
Theodore Kleiser, teacher (937) 233-6431

Ironton City: Habitat for Humanity, Booth 25
See how students learned to use Autodesk Revit software to model a home based on Habitat for Humanity (HFH) standards before building an HFH home.
Susan Arthur, instructor (740) 532-3911

Kings Local (Warren): Greenpower USA Electric Car, Booth 67
Engineering Academy students explain how they designed, built and raced a single-seat, student-driven electric car using Solid Edge Technology to create 3-D designs.
Jason Shields, instructor (513) 398-8050

Lake Local (Wood): Students in Action, Booth 22
This program develops student leaders through community service. Hear how they help the community create an atmosphere of giving and acceptance.
Tonya Schauwecker, adviser (419) 661-6640

Lakewood Local (Licking): Minecraft Math, Booth 86
Learn how students and teachers at Lakewood Middle School use the popular game Minecraft to demonstrate what they know about mathematics and engineering.
Jess Fry, principal (740) 928-8330

Lakota Local (Butler): Catapult Designers, Booth 100
Witness the workings of a national award-winning catapult from its creators who used problem-solving and design-thinking to put STEAM into action.
Betsy Fuller, director (513) 644-1177

Lancaster City: Culinary Arts Program, Booth 81
High school career-technical education students demonstrate culinary skills used to consistently win scholarships and showcase award-winning projects recognized at state and national levels by ProStart, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and SkillsUSA.
Debra Bates, instructor (740) 687-7390

Licking Heights Local (Licking): Enriching World Language, Booth 49
Mandarin- and Spanish-language students experience language enrichment via international travel. Discover how these experiences enhance their classroom learning.
Angel King, director of curriculum (740) 927-6926

Logan-Hocking Local (Hocking): TV-2 (Chieftain Student Broadcast), Booth 58
TV-2 documents awards ceremonies, sporting events and arts performances for our school. Students share how they run this program.
Matt Stone, teacher (740) 385-2069

Lordstown Local (Trumbull): Political History Club, Booth 42
Students share their experiences of civic participation, ranging from a Veterans Day program to volunteering at the Iowa caucuses to attending the presidential inauguration.
Terry Armstrong, superintendent (330) 307-5747

Loudonville-Perrysville EV: Robotics Team, Booth 75
In 2014, engineering students partnered with local businesses to work on design projects. Hear how these students now are working with NASA’s Glenn Research Center on rover wheels and presenting to engineers. The robotics team is ranked at the state, national and international levels.
Joshua Miller, teacher (419) 994-3912

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Flying into the Future of Aerospace, Booth 50
Discover how our new Project Lead the Way Flight and Space class engages students in simulations and project-based learning. Hear how we align this with regional STEM needs and our history of aerospace technology.
Autumn Johnson, teacher (937) 237-4265

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Construction Simulations 2.0, Booth 66
Have you operated a CAT machine with a full range of motion and sensors simulating an experience at a construction site? If not, here is your chance to test your skills and see what students experience every day.
Jeremy McGhee, teacher (937) 237-4250

Mansfield City: Spanish Immersion School, Booth 78
Learn how this school has closed the achievement gap among student subgroups while teaching a second language to kindergarten through eighth-grade students and earning state, national and international recognition.
Gabe Costa, teacher (419) 525-6432

Mansfield City: Springmill STEM Elementary School, Booth 77
Discover how this elementary school complements core academics with scientific inquiry and a rigorous, diverse, project-based curriculum that emphasizes the role of science, technology, engineering and math.
Brian Garverick, superintendent (419) 525-6432

Maple Heights City: Students of Promise, Booth 39
See how students are able to overcome obstacles in their lives to reach their full potential and achieve a stable, productive future.
Shay Price, principal (216) 438-6400, ext. 1001

Maple Heights City: Middle School Gardening Club, Booth 40
Students explain how they learned to grow plants and create healthy food choices by collaborating with the community.
Cristy Sherman, teacher (216) 438-6000, ext. 2137

Mapleton Local (Ashland): Industrial Technology, Booth 3
Discover how students combine traditional hands-on projects with today’s manufacturing innovations to help them prepare for a variety of career paths.
Ben Freer, teacher (419) 945-2188, ext. 5122

Marion City: Integrated Production Technologies, Booth 4
Students engage in innovative industry-driven technologies to imagine and design new and improved products. Hear about the relevant industry certifications they can earn in this program.
Brad Pottkotter, teacher         (740) 223-4786

Marion City: Exercise Science, Booth 4
This program provides knowledge and real-life experiences in recognizing, initially treating and rehabilitating athletic injuries. Learn how this course can prepare students for a future in fitness or a variety of health-related careers.
Rose Cunningham, teacher (740) 223-4712

Mentor EV: Augmented Reality Brings Artwork to Life, Booth 72
Watch artwork come to life while learning unique ways to showcase student learning through app smashing and Aurasma.
Kristen Kirby, community relations director (440) 796-9996

Mentor EV: GenYES, Booth 96
Students help teachers and peers troubleshoot information technology problems at Mentor High School using MacBooks and a green screen. See a demonstration with a green-screen photo booth.
Kristen Kirby, director (440) 796-9996

Mentor EV: Interactive Health Lesson with Virtuali-Tee, Booth  88
Think of this as a magic lens into another world: a guided tour inside the body. Discover how a T-shirt combined with an app brings anatomy to life with a magical illuminating experience. Physiology is fun when you teleport inside the body.
Kristen Kirby, community relations director (440) 796-9996

Miami Valley Career Technology Center: Automation and Robotics, Booth 59
Students solve real-world challenges by constructing robots with mechanisms and writing ROBOTC code to automate their creations. Examine their mechanisms and program a robot to perform simple tasks.
Jayme Boston, teacher (304) 650-0410

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Veterinary Assisting and Animal Care, Booth 46
This class prepares students for careers in the veterinary profession. Learn about laboratory techniques and tests as well as the business and record-keeping side of a veterinary office.
Lana Kelly, instructor (740) 685-2516

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Vocational Agriculture, Booth 53
Hear how the vocational agriculture satellite program fosters an interest in agricultural principles through hands-on experiences.
Clay Winland, instructor (740) 252-6965

Muskingum Valley ESC: Grand Slam Summer Camp, Booth 76
Students with multiple disabilities are exposed to a variety of projects and field trips in this summer camp. Learn about their experiences and enter a drawing to win a birdhouse or feeder.
David N. Branch, superintendent (740) 452-4518

Northern Local (Perry): The Positivity Project, Booth 60
Students learn how to understand, appreciate and exemplify 24 character strengths in themselves and others. Hear how we teach the #OtherPeopleMatter mindset.
Ed Wolfel, principal (740) 743-1454

Northmont City, Modeling and Simulation Course, Booth 41
Learn how students use game engines, math and more to solve real-world problems after taking a course developed in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab and the Dayton Regional STEM Center.
Tony Thomas, superintendent (937) 832-5035

Northwest Local (Hamilton): Robotics Math Intervention Program, Booth 56
This student-led presentation demonstrates how C-STEM coding and robotics curriculum improve middle school achievement in mathematics.
Darrell Yater, assistant superintendent (513) 923-1000, ext. 3915

Northwestern Local (Wayne): Computer Science Principles, Booth 15
Discover how students learned introductory-level coding and app creation in computer science.
Tim Black, teacher (419) 846-3833

Olentangy Local (Delaware): Olentangy Academy’s STEM Program, Booth 9
Learn how students integrate STEM disciplines for a different approach to project-based learning. See their products from “genius hour.”
Chelsea Eismon, principal (740) 657-5801

Oregon City: Clay Cardboard Crushers, Booth 47
Clay High School special needs classes are leading the district’s recycling effort. Hear how students earn fundraising money for seven district clubs while building employability and job-seeking skills.
Dean E. Sandwisch, director of business affairs (419) 392-3364

Pioneer Career and Technology Center: Industrial Electricity Program, Booth 43
Learn how this program prepares students for Ohio’s in-demand jobs by training them to program and run industrial robots. They also learn to operate other industrial equipment used in the manufacturing industry.
Rob Flannery, instructor (419) 347-7744

Plain Local (Stark): Guys with Ties, Booth 37
Discover how this social club gives young men the confidence to interact with others and take on the challenges of the 21st century.
Jill Downing, principal (330) 491-3750

Plain Local (Stark): STEAM — Soap Box Derby Program, Booth 38
Learn how students combine science, math and language arts into the design, creation and advertisement of soap box derby cars.
Brett Niarchos, principal (330) 491-3780

Portsmouth City: Black History Interactive Stations, Booth 57
Learn how junior high school students participate in interactive activities that help engage, educate and motivate students to learn about black history.
Stephanie Warren, intervention specialist (740) 353-2398, ext. 1227

Princeton City: Performance Poetry, Booth 70
Students will present informal spoken word poetry and show a video of other performances. Learn about this unique program and listen to these very talented students.
Celine Quinn, teacher  (513) 833-6938

Rolling Hills Local (Guernsey): Water Quality Testing in the Classroom, Booth 33
District educators conducted a pilot project with students on the importance of water quality testing. Hear about their experiences in both the classroom and the field.
Ryan Caldwell, superintendent (740) 432-5370

Sandy Valley Local (Stark): Social Justice Team, Booth 21
Using their dedication to equality for all, learn how the students for social justice take a reflective journey to change policy, procedures and instructional practices to create a more inclusive learning environment.
Patty Ann Main, curriculum director (330) 866-3339

Seneca East Local (Seneca): World Languages, Booth 68
Our world language classes communicate. Hear how students learn a language and communicate via Skype with other classrooms around the world.
Susan Platt, instructor (419) 934-0444

Springboro Community City: Ancient Civilization Education, Booth 54
Sixth-grade students work together to learn about the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. Watch them demonstrate how they learn through skits, building structures or becoming archaeologists.
Diane Stacy, principal (937) 748-4113

Springboro Community City: Careers and Consumer Concepts Awareness, Booth 55
Learn how this amazing course prepares students for the real world. Students highlight their competency in financial literacy using the Real Money, Real World program as well as their skills in career inventories and job interviewing.
Jon Franks, principal (937) 748-3953

Springfield Local (Lucas):The PEACE Project and Project Hope, Booth 98
Protecting Every Abused Child Everywhere (PEACE) works to stop bullying and provide support to affected children and bullies. Learn how PEACE projects provide supports to schools to turn every child into a leader and agent of change.
Bill Geha, intervention counselor, (419) 944-8191

Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center: CTC Food Truck, Booth 16
Hear how a school bus was converted into a food truck. Learn how it’s used as a marketing tool at the Clark County Fair and other events in Clark County.
Dave Hay, instructor (937) 325-7368

Steubenville City: SHS Aerospace Engineering and Aviation , Booth 83
Hear how this four-year program is teaching students the fundamentals of flight and the basics of aerospace engineering and aviation theory through an interactive lab, project-based learning and STEM education.
Natalie Campana, instructor   (740) 317-5598

Tallmadge City: Builders Club, Booth 17
In this program, sponsored by the Tallmadge Kiwanis Club, students learn leadership skills through community service. Students share how they research community needs and develop projects to improve issues.
Chad Nash, teacher (330) 633-4994

Trotwood-Madison City: BOYS to Men Mentoring, Booth 27
Westbrooke Elementary School students meet weekly after school to focus on Wright School’s 12 Principles of Re-Education. Learn how male students and male role models focus on building relationships and leadership skills.
Tracey Mallory, principal (937) 854-3196

Trotwood-Madison City: PAX Super Rams, Booth 28
The PAX Good Behavior Game teaches students to self-regulate behaviors through simple cues and cooperative learning games. Students share how they take responsibility for themselves and identify their own improvement strategies.
Tami Rizzo-Sterner, principal (937) 854-4456

Tuscarawas Valley Local (Tuscarawas): Project Lead The Way (PLTW), Booth 85
See how PLTW helps students explore STEM hands-on. They learn teamwork, brainstorming and problem-solving, giving them skills and experiences to use in the real world.
Ron Gauding, teacher (330) 904-5374

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Building EcoColumns, Booth 5
Learn how students explore interactions between habitats and food webs while learning data-collection skills and experimental design challenges.
Amy Mary, teacher (937) 839-4315

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Digital Student-led Conferences, Booth 6
Hear how students created reflections on their academics, behavior and free choice learning using Google Presentation and shared the presentations at school and home.
Kate Downs, teacher (937) 839-4315

Twin Valley Local (Preble): Math Games, Booth 91
Students create math board games to help them master content, display their creativity and discover how to work as a team. Hear how they create the boards, playing pieces, questions and directions to their games.
Amanda Beneke, teacher (937) 839-4315

Union-Scioto Local (Ross): The SCOPES Academy At Unioto Elementary, Booth 74
Science Cooperative of Physicians and Elementary Students (SCOPE) Academy students showcase their work with water quality testing and the WASH cycle through the eyes of their sister school in Kenya. See students demonstrate their designs of hand-washing stations as well.
Jenni Domo, SCOPES  Academy director         (740) 773-4102, ext. 2501

Upper Valley Career Center: Developing Visual Media Solutions, Booth 8
Students integrate real-world opportunities into curriculum using interactive media to design vector graphics. Learn how they present designs and websites to community organizations.
Susan Caudill, instructor (937) 778-1980, ext. 834

Warrensville Heights City: ACE Mentor Program, Booth 80
See the design Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) scholars created for their community that encourages and promotes healthy connections among residents of Warrensville Heights.
Nevin Jenkins, teacher            (216) 244-3359

Warrensville Heights City: Project Lead the Way, Booth 79
Learn how students used skills developed in engineering classes to create blueprints and graphics as ways to encourage community connections to the school buildings.
Daniel Drew, instructor (216) 295-7752

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fifth-grade Guided Reading Project, Booth 36
See a 6-feet-by-4-feet representation of a scene from the book “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh” made out of painted plastic bottle caps.
Deb Johns, instructor (419) 568-9100, ext. 1048

Weathersfield Local (Trumbull): High School History Club, Booth 7
Discover how this club embraces history in many different ways and was named one of the top 10 history clubs in the nation. This popular group is one of the largest clubs in the school, with nearly a third of the student population participating.
Tim Porter, teacher (330) 652-1451, ext. 1207

West Clermont Local (Clermont): Inquiry-based Passion Projects, Booth 44
See how students design an inquiry-based project using research, peer collaboration and expert advice to develop a product with real-world applications.
Brooke Franklin, teacher (479) 381-3817

West Clermont Local (Clermont): The 3-D Grand Prix, Booth 45
Learn how elementary school STEM students use the engineering design process, 3-D printers and perseverance to create race cars that compete in a Grand Prix race.
Heather Frost-Hauck, gifted intervention specialist (513) 943-5071

Westerville City: Flexible Seating, Booth 87
Discover how flexible seating, using different desks and chairs, creates an alternative learning environment for students.
Michelle Lowe, teacher (614) 797-7050

Whitehall City: High School Marketing Program, Booth 13
Hear how students evaluate ideas for products and services and develop strategies for commercialization that will ultimately build and maintain a real, school-based enterprise.
Lisa Schwieterman, teacher (614) 417-5100

Whitehall City: Students and STEM, Booth 14
See how students in grades six through eight pair with Ohio State University graduate students to explore exciting, real-world concepts and complete hands-on, interactive STEM-based projects.
Adriana Cole, teacher (614) 417-5200

Xenia Community City: S.T.E.A.M. Day/Science Olympiad, Booth 19
Learn how the gifted department and high school biotech instructor teamed up to provide STEAM education for fifth-graders. Hear about the collaboration, creativity, innovation and creative-thinking activities required to complete the tasks.
Donna Shaw, gifted coordinator, and Molly Wavra, gifted intervention specialist, (937) 372-9201, ext. 2142

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