Information and tips for a successful virtual presentation

Thank you for agreeing to present during the virtual 2020 OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show. We are excited to be transitioning to this new virtual conference format and offering important information, best practices, and tools to help make public schools stronger than ever. You play an important role in delivering on this mission, and we are grateful to be partnering with you.

Important information

Tips for creating successful virtual presentations

  • Use a widescreen, 16:9 layout when creating your slides.
  • You may use the Capital Conference PowerPoint template if you wish.
  • Use a white slide background when possible so text is easier to read on screen.
  • Text should be in large fonts, even in charts or graphs.
  • We encourage you to use photos, just make sure you cite or have the rights to any images you use.

Tips for presenting in a virtual environment

Use these speaker tips and best practices to improve your conference presentation and delivery in the virtual environment:

Pre-recording your session

We will be offering most of the learning sessions in a semi-live format in which the learning sessions are pre-recorded by Bartha, a production company, and then offered at a scheduled time. During the schedule time, the presenters will engage with attendees through the chat and Q/A box to answer questions and highlight information. The session can include a live question and answer period with the presenter taking place at the end of the pre-recorded portion. An OSBA staff member will be assigned to each session to act as a moderator during the scheduled time. The moderator will play the recordings, assist with any difficulties you may have and moderate the chat and Q/A features.

To schedule your recording time, visit If you session has more than one presenter, all presenters should coordinate a time to record their session together and select one presenter to schedule the recording. Recordings must be completed between Sept. 21 and Oct. 23.

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