Districts participating in the Student Achievement Fair

Student Achievement Fair performing group schedule

  • 10:15 a.m. Crooksville EV — Crooksville High School Marching Band (Southeast Region)
  • 10:35 a.m. Miami Trace Local (Fayette) — The Soundsations (Central Region)
  • 10:55 a.m. Findlay City — Findlay First Edition (Northwest Region)
  • 11:15 a.m. Dayton City — Stivers High School for the Arts Jazz Band (Southwest Region)
  • Noon East Muskingum Local (Muskingum) — John Glenn High School String Sounds (Southeast Region)
  • 12:20 p.m. Springfield Local (Summit) — Springfield Sparkles Inclusive Cheer (Northeast Region)
  • 12:40 p.m. Benjamin Logan Local (Logan) — Benjamin Logan Local High School Jazz Band (Southwest Region)
  • 1 p.m. Twinsburg City — Great Expectations Show Choir (Northeast Region)

Student Achievement Fair booths

(listed alphabetically by district) 

Allen East Local (Allen): Robotics Club, SAF Booth 33
See robotics in action with this award-winning club that specializes in building automation and robotic manufacturing.
Andrea Snyder, treasurer (419) 648-3333 

Barnesville EV: Drone Licensing Program, SAF Booth 25
Learn how a partnership with USI (Unmanned Safety Institute) prepared a group of students for the FAA Part 107 test, a remote pilot certification, which enables them to fly drones commercially.
Angela Hannahs, superintendent (740) 425-3639 

Beavercreek City: Anchored4Life Club, SAF Booth 14
Hear how elementary students enhance social skills, learn leadership skills, build character and improve self-esteem through the Anchored4Life club.
Jeff Madden, director of student services (937) 458-2417 

Belpre City: Pottery Program, SAF Booth 8
See the talent, organization and ingenuity students have put into building a flourishing and self-sustained pottery program.
Chad Stevens, art teacher (740) 423-9511 

Buckeye Hills Career Center: Nursing Workforce Pathway, SAF Booth 51
Learn how students in this secondary nursing program jump-start their nursing career by earning STNA, phlebotomy and EKG industry credentials while in high school, making them more valuable in the workforce.
Allen Kiger, dean of career technical education (740) 245-5334 

Butler Tech and Career Development Schools: Student Ambassadors, SAF Booth 56
Learn how student ambassadors play a crucial role, sharing their career-tech experiences with potential students, families and more through campus tours, special events and genuine conversations.
AJ Huff, public relations coordinator/student ambassador mentor (513) 594-6875 

Columbus City: Advanced Manufacturing Program, SAF Booth 50
Central Ohio is home to diverse industries with rapidly changing skills and job demands. Learn how this program builds independent, emotionally intelligent thinkers capable of pursuing multiple career paths in manufacturing.
Dr. Betty Hill, supervisor, unified arts (614) 365-5024 

Columbus City: Ft. Hayes Audio Production Program, SAF Booth 49
Our society depends on media today more than ever. The audio production program seeks to turn students from consumers to producers. Learn about job growth opportunities in media, and listen to student audio production in this workforce-focused program.
Dr. Betty Hill, supervisor, unified arts (614) 365-5024  

Crooksville EV: Eighth-Grade Fall Festival, SAF Booth 21
Discover how eighth-grade students design and build fun and creative STEM-based games for the Fall Festival. This beloved annual event, hosted for elementary students, includes games such as pumpkin bowling, donut bobbing and football toss.
Alea Barker, director of curriculum and instruction (740) 982-7010 

Crooksville EV: Student-Principal Advisory Committee (SPAC), SAF Booth 20
Hear how SPAC gives rural high school students a voice in building decisions, addressing grounds or building improvements and providing input into course offerings and student initiatives.
Alea Barker, director of curriculum and instruction (740) 982-7010 

East Muskingum Local (Muskingum): Captain’s Club, SAF Booth 28
Discover how a leadership club for students in grades nine-12 develops student leaders in the classroom, hallway and extracurricular activities by meeting with community leaders, guest speakers and book studies.
David Adams, superintendent (740) 826-7655 

Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technology Schools: Student-Principal Advisory Committee (SPAC), SAF Booth 32
Students share their success at the state and national levels through Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) such as BPA, SkillsUSA, FFA, FCCLA and HOSA.
Jackie Kuffel, director of satellite programs (614) 836-4530 

Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technology Schools: Student-Principal Advisory Committee (SPAC), SAF Booth 31
Hear how students in work-based learning experiences are successfully implementing skills “on the job.”
Cherrelle Turner, coordinator of business partnerships and career readiness (614) 836-4530  

Franklin Local (Muskingum): Student Inspired, Designed and Created, SAF Booth 41
See how the district built a STEM culture and revolutionized learning opportunities for all students by capitalizing on student interests and strengths.
Theresa Gause, principal (740) 697-7317 

Goshen Local (Clermont): 3D Printer STEM Club, SAF Booth 7
See how elementary students are using their knowledge of physics and engineering to create machines that can move quickly or complete basic tasks.
Ashley Andrews, principal (513) 722-2225  

Green Local (Wayne): Art Club, SAF Booth 3
Discover how students use advanced tools such as a 3D ceramic printing machine and a glass blowing furnace to create unique artwork, which they sell to support future opportunities.
Jennifer Winkler, Smithville High School art teacher (330) 669-3921 

Greenville City: A Night in Hollywood, SAF Booth 10
Discover how a small group can make a big impact in the community. The Supply Chain Management class hosted “A Night in Hollywood,” a public social event that raised $11,000 for the Darke County Special Olympics.
Melissa K Riethman, SCM instructor (937) 548-3185, ext. 1303  

Greenville City: Agricultural Awareness: Exploration of Growing Your Own Food, SAF Booth 11
Learn how using alternative ways to grow food has allowed this agricultural program to provide its school cafeteria and local organizations with fresh produce year-round.
Karri Sherman, agriculture educator (937) 548-4188, ext. 1150  

Hardin Northern Local (Hardin): STEM Programs, SAF Booth 42
See how this STEM program introduces advanced 3D printing processes and designs to create one-of-a-kind racing drones and wind turbines to demonstrate how energy is used.
Brian Reeves, STEM teacher (419) 759-2331  

Hardin Northern Local (Hardin): The Water Crisis in Africa, SAF Booth 43
Hear how students were impacted by the Linda Sue Park novel, “A Long Walk to Water,” and the ways they plan to make change happen.
Kelly Settlage, fifth-grade teacher (419) 759-2331 

Indian Hill EV: Experienceships at Indian Hill EV, SAF Booth  6
Learn how staff and students work with over 35 corporate sponsors in the Entrepreneurship Center to curate unique, personalized student career pathway experiences.
Jeff Damadeo, principal (513) 272-4500 

Knox County Career Center: Air Force JROTC, SAF Booth 58
Hear how students learn about aerospace, leadership, military customs, career planning, financial literacy and more in the Flight Academy of this JROTC program.
Kathy Greenich, superintendent (740) 397-5820 

Lakota Local (Butler): Podcast Challenge, SAF Booth 52
Discover how a partnership with NPR has yielded national finalists and an experience built on student choice and mastery of learning standards.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177 

Lakota Local (Butler): SPARK, SAF Booth 53
Learn how Lakota East journalism students have consistently produced a top-notch news magazine that has earned national recognition and honors for more than 20 years.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177  

Lakota Local (Butler): Student Broadcasting Club, SAF Booth 54
Learn how this student-created club provides real-world learning opportunities, promotes school spirit and has grown to over 1,500 followers on its YouTube channel.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177 

Lakota Local (Butler): Technology Students Take the National Stage, SAF Booth 55
See how a partnership with a local career-technology center translates to high participation and a multitude of titles in the Technology Student Association’s national competition.
Betsy Fuller, director, school/community relations (513) 644-1177  

London City: Film Festival, SAF Booth  27
See how the LCS Film Festival provides a platform for students to unleash their imaginations, push their boundaries and captivate audiences with their cinematic visions throughout a diverse range of interests and genres. This celebration of filmmaking also recognizes creativity, innovation and the power of storytelling through the lens of the next generation of filmmakers.
Carla Shaw, assistant superintendent (740) 852-5705 

London City: Mystery and Suspense Escape Room, SAF Booth 26
Hear how students explore the captivating world of mystery and suspense literature in this hands-on, project-based learning experience.
Carla Shaw, assistant superintendent (740) 852-5705 

Mad River Local (Montgomery): Green Architecture and Design Workforce Pathway, SAF Booth 36
See how middle school students use Revit and SolidWorks software to design creations such as dream bedrooms, ankle and foot orthosis, skimmers and CO2 car designs.
Chad Bishop, PLTW teacher (937) 237-4265 

Manchester Local (Adams): Photography and Yearbook Program, SAF Booth 16
See how a photography program extends beyond the camera and teaches students about publications and marketing by constructing the class yearbook.
Nick Roberts, superintendent (937) 549-4777 

Marion City: Agribusiness and Future Farmers of America, SAF Booth 29
Learn how this program develops innovative ideas that suit the urban student population while promoting agricultural literacy and leadership development.
Olympia Della Flora, assistant superintendent (740) 223-4402 

Massillon City: Girls on the Run, SAF Booth 57
Hear how girls in grades three-eight develop essential life skills and build self-esteem through a combination of physical activity, interactive lessons and mentoring in this national nonprofit organization.
Jamey Palma, director (330) 830-3900 

Mentor EV: Fly Fishing Club, SAF Booth 40
Discover this incredible extracurricular opportunity for students who are learning everything from making lures and casting techniques to finding great fisheries and taking care of the environment.
Kristen Kirby, director of community relations (440) 255-4444 

Mentor EV: StoryWalk, SAF Booth 39
Learn about this innovative and delightful way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. Hear how this program has been introduced into the district’s elementary schools as a fun literacy project during the day or for the community to enjoy after hours.
Kristen Kirby, director of community relations (440) 255-4444 

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Construction Technologies, SAF Booth 5
See how construction trade students partner with Habitat for Humanity to complete real-world projects that benefit the community while developing important skills to take them into the workforce.
Keith Arnold, director – Buffalo campus (740) 685-2516  

Mid-East Career and Technology Centers: Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, SAF Booth 4
See students in these career and technology fields display skills and knowledge by demonstrating how to strengthen forearm muscles and how to apply prophylactic athletic tape to support wrists for competition.
Jason Feldner, director – Zanesville campus (740) 454-0101 

Middletown City: Hope Squad, SAF Booth 60
Hear how this peer-to-peer suicide prevention program brings hope and positivity to the school district on a daily basis. Learn how it has made a huge impact on students and their well-being.
Kayla Wandsnider, adviser/ teacher (513) 403-4062 

Middletown City: Middie Meal Machine, SAF Booth 61
The Middle Meal Machine travels throughout the community to provide free hot meals to all children ages 2-18 when school is not in session. Learn how this district food truck program, launched in 2019, works to break down barriers for students and the community.
Eric Sotzing, business manager (513) 423-0781  

Middletown City: Passport to Tomorrow, SAF Booth 59
Discover how a partnership with a local career-technology center and the chamber of commerce has allowed Middletown City Schools to bring career-tech education into the elementary school, providing enriching career experiences and social-emotional learning to every student in grades K-five.
Jen Hayes, K-12 programs coordinator” (513) 460-3718  

Mohawk Local (Wyandot): Multiple Disabilities Classroom, SAF Booth 35
This special education classroom teaches vocational, social and independent living skills, such as shopping and budgeting, preparing and serving meals, wellness, sales and volunteering in the community. Teachers and students share their experiences.
Eric Daniel, MH classroom teacher (419) 927-6222  

Norton City: Technology Work Experience, SAF Booth 9
Learn how Norton City Schools has employed high school students in the technology department to assist in IT work throughout the district, including installing and repairing of computers, completing inventory changes, imaging and deploying laptops and more.
Angie Wagler, technology coordinator (330) 825-0863 

Olentangy Local (Delaware): Olentangy Educators Rising, SAF Booth 2
Teacher burnout is real, and there are many organizations looking to support teachers and students. Hear how this program is teaching its “future educator” students to build relationships with community partners to ease the burdens a teacher often feels.
Sunday Weakley, teacher academy instructor (740) 657-5800 

Olentangy Local (Delaware): STEM Program, SAF Booth 1
See “Genius Hour” projects from students in both biomedical/biotechincal and engineering pathways, which showcase learning that aligns to STEM disciplines.
Karen Sedoti, principal (740) 657-5800 

Plain Local (Stark): Fierce Females, SAF Booth 19
Discover how a student empowerment group gives back while motivating students through presentations from inspiring female professionals.
Deirdre Coar, principal (330) 491-3740 

Plain Local (Stark): Sources of Strength, SAF Booth 18
Hear how this radically strength-based suicide prevention and wellness initiative helps students with identify and use personal strengths to promote wellness.
Gayle Kimbrough, principal (330) 491-3800 

Princeton City: Navigating Your Ships, SAF Booth 38
Discover how the Work Ethic Certificate program makes waves in workforce development by providing students with valuable career exploration opportunities in apprenticeships, internships, fellowships and more.
Tonya West Wright, associate superintendent (513) 864-1060 

Princeton City: Photographers and Digital Artists, SAF Booth 37
See examples of student artwork and evidence of learning across multiple fields in this photography and digital arts program.
Lindsey Holiday, art teacher, art department chair at Princeton High School (513) 554-1252 

Reading Community City: Blue Devil Bakery, SAF Booth 48
Discover how this student-led, faculty-supervised program helps students with special needs learn basic business, time management and kitchen skills for hands-on work experience and building self-confidence.
Mark Edwards, director of curriculum and communication (513) 842-5265 

Rock Hill Local (Lawrence): Good Morning Pedro, SAF Booth 47
Learn about this fun and informative high school morning news show, which is created and produced by students and broadcast on YouTube throughout the building each day.
Dean Nance, principal (740) 646-8582 

Rock Hill Local (Lawrence): Redmen Roaster, SAF Booth 46
See how high school students learn important job skills while earning their Technology graduation seal by running and managing an on-campus coffee shop for students and staff.
Dean Nance, principal (740) 646-8582 

Rock Hill Local (Lawrence): Tomahawk Tees, SAF Booth 45
Discover how this completely student-run T-shirt business, led by an art teacher and job coach, earns thousands of dollars each year and allows students to earn industry credentials in retail and sales.
Dean Nance, principal (740) 646-8582 

Swanton Local (Fulton): The Swanton 7 Initiative, SAF Booth 12
Learn how this initiative promotes a positive culture and creates well-rounded citizens through its School of Distinguished Houses: Dignitas, Obduro, Gratas and Sapientia.
Chris Lake, superintendent (419) 826-7085 

Tallmadge City: Builders Club, SAF Booth 30
See how a dedicated group of middle schoolers are building leadership skills as they make the city a better place. Learn about their accomplishments thus far.
Chad Nash, teacher (330) 714-1228 

Twinsburg City: Black History Club, SAF Booth 24
Learn how this club educates students, faculty and community about black history by building and promoting an annual Black History Program.
Rhonda Crawford, board member (216) 235-9933 

Twinsburg City: Eid al-Fitr, SAF Booth 22
Hear how one student’s initiative led to making Eid Al-Fitr a district holiday for the new school year.
Rhonda Crawford, board member (216) 235-9933 

Twinsburg City: ICEburg (International Cultural Experience), SAF Booth 23
Learn how the International Cultural Experience celebrates all cultures represented in the school by hosting community events.
Rhonda Crawford, board member (216) 235-9933  

Union Scioto Local (Ross): SCOPES Academy, SAF Booth 34
See how students in this “school within a school” investigate real-world, contextual problems using design thinking and inquiry.
Jenni Domo, SCOPES teacher (740) 773-4103, ext. 2501 

Vinton County Local (Vinton): The Beauty of Appalachia: Biliteracy Project, SAF Booth  44
Discover how students explore the beauty of diversity in their community and make connections to their own Appalachian heritage through photography, writing and presenting essays in Spanish at the Ohio Latino American Conference at Ohio University.
Gildy Smith, Spanish teacher (740) 596-5258  

Waynesfield-Goshen Local (Auglaize): Fifth-Grade Guided Reading: Werowocomoco Indian Village 1607, SAF Booth 17
See how a fifth-grade guided reading project culminated in a student recreation of the Werowocomoco Indian village, the site of several interactions between Powhatan Indians and English colonists of the Jamestown settlement.
Deb Johns, instructor (419) 568-9100, ext. 1045 

West Clermont Local (Clermont): There Is So Much To Discover! SAF Booth 13
See how practical strategies for strengthening instruction resulted in elementary students’ creative and collaborative engineering and design projects.
Ellie Preston, chief learning officer (513) 943-5030  


Student Entrepreneurs Corner

(All are located at the end of the 1300 aisle in the Trade Show)  

Ava Jayne’s (Monday only)
We sell decorated cupcakes and offer specialty flavors.  

Avalanche Cologne LLC (Monday only)
A cologne business that began with a simple belief: That fragrance has the power to uplift, inspire and transform.  

Esthetics with Emily (Tuesday only)
Treat yourself to some self-care with Esthetician Emily Hypes. 

Farm Hunks Hauling Junk (Tuesday only)
Make space for the important things through waste removal, cleaning, landscaping, car removal, shed teardown and heavy lifting. 

FlameGuard (Monday only)
Offering kits that include a multitude of fire safety products, as many people do not have fire protection measures within their home.  

Fosters Property Maintenance (Tuesday only)
Providing lawn care and landscaping services. 

Kendall’s Cake Kreations LLC (Monday only)
In home, made fresh-to-order baked goods. 

Knightingales Chess Academy  (Tuesday only)
Educational chess coaching institute founded by a top female chess instructor in Columbus. We offer private lessons, group classes and free chess camps to instill a lifelong passion for chess to individuals of all ages. Our vision is to empower marginalized groups through chess service projects conducted locally and internationally and foster a pipeline of talented chess youth.  

Moody’s Lawncare and Landscape (Monday only)
Lawn and landscaping services, including mowing, trimming, edging and blowing yards, as well as transforming yards.  

MudJaw John’s Yard Service (Monday only)
Yard services ranging from, but not limited to, mowing and bagging grass; weed eating; cleaning up dog waste in the yard; clearing out flower beds and raking leaves; shoveling snow; and general yard cleanup. 


Districts providing services at the OSBA Capital Conference Relaxation Stations

(All are located in the Trade Show.) 

Columbus City’s Columbus Downtown High School Booths 128-132
Hand and arm massages and manicures (Tuesday) 

Mahoning County Career & Technical Center Booths 128-132
Blood pressure checks, wellness information and caricature drawings (Monday) 

 Tolles Career & Technical Center end of aisle 1400
Cosmetology, hand and arm massages and manicures (Monday and Tuesday)
Stretching techniques/exercise science (Tuesday) 

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